Card options

We have a range of options available for purchase, see below for more information:

Workz dual scratch panel option for scratch card

Extra panel

Add another dimension of fun and excitement to your scratch card with additional scratch panels for games or promotions such as scratch and win.

Workz scratch card QR code feature

QR Code

In combination with Workz Quick Top-up app this provides users a faster and easier way to top-up their account. The feature also makes artworks cleaner and more attractive by allowing heavy content to be retrieved from a small printed space.

Workz ghosting app


In conjunction with Workz Ghosting app, ghosting in artworks allows operators to add hidden online links in their printed collaterals. As well as making artworks more attractive by reducing heavy content which can be moved online, ghost links connecting users with the interactive online world. Learn more.

Workz scratch card scratch off tool feature

Scratch-off tool

This built-in card feature provides the user with a tool for scratching the panel conveniently designed as part of the card and easily detachable via tearing the perforation. The scratch-off tool can help reduce overscratch complaints in markets where customer knowledge and supply of suitable non-sharp scratch tools such as coins are low.

Workz scratch card 5 PIN ticket stub

Ticket stub

The ticket stub offers a specially designed tear-off area of the card to provide retailers and distributors useful information such EAN or serial information and barcodes to help manage stock.

Workz scratch card features euroslot hang tab


The Euroslot hang tab is ideal for retail product display. The tab provides a robust method of handling your product on retail display hooks. This allows retailers to save space when presenting your product as they are able to display more products in less space.

Workz pack and fulfilment spot UV feature

Spot UV

UV varnish is a gloss varnish that provides three main benefits to your material by enhancing colours, giving a thicker, more robust, high-end feeling, and providing your material with a protective layer so it lasts longer. UV varnish is available as three different types of options: Flood, Pattern and Reverse Pattern.

Workz SIM card 3 in 1 repluggable

Repluggable SIM

Repluggable SIM cards offer mobile users the choice to use their SIM in different phones that require different sizes modules e.g. Mini (2FF), Micro (3FF) or Nano (4FF). As the module plug-ins are repluggable, meaning they can be taken out of the card and then put back together, users can quickly and easily switch between formats as they wish.