Card security

Workz card security features defeat all known fraud attacks as specified by World Lottery Association standards

Workz ultra sonic sealed packaging

1 Ultra-sonic sealed packing: Secure, water-resistant and tamper-proof wrapping

Workz scratch card-material-complete

2 Card material: FSC certified paper up to 400 gsm utilizing new nanoparticle manufacturing board technologies for enhanced durability

3 Serial no. + barcode: Variable data for serial checking and possible activation

4 Ghost watermarking: Hidden digital watermarking for security and online interactivity

5 Anti-counterfeit artwork: Anti-photocopying colours or patterns

6 Micro-text: Text too small to read with naked eye for added security

7 MacWhite panel: Bright MacWhite panel for ultra-clear easy-to-read HRN

Workz scratch card PINs

8 PIN or HRN: Hidden Recharge Number with razor-sharp font definition plus optional 2nd chance QR code (QR code activation app also available)

Workz scratch card composite-overscratch-shield

9 Composite overscratch shield: Reinforced overscratch protection guaranteed to withstand 20 scratches of a coin at 1.5 Kg pressure

Workz cratch card composite-silkscreen

10 Composite silkscreen: Highly opaque, impenetrable tamper-proof panel with soft-scratch latex for easy removal (no need for hard scratching) resulting in reduced overscratch

Workz scratch card overprint

11 Overprint: Overlapping text with PIN value for anti-fraud and ‘scratch gently’ for user advice

Workz scratch card uv-varnish

12 UV Varnish: Flood or reverse spot pattern varnish with anti-fraud florescence. Available in matt, gloss or silk finish