Logistics Bulletin

Keep up-to-date with country specific logistics and shipping news.

Logistics Bulletin: Afghanistan


Export declaration and product test certificates are required for import clearance with immediate effect. February 2016



Logistics Bulletin: Egypt


Fumigation is mandatory on pallets imported into Egypt. January 2016

Logistics Bulletin Iraq


Sea freight services have been introduced to Umm Qasr Port (Basra) and Basra Airport. February 2017


Import of telecom products and devices into Kuwait will require approvals from Regulatory Authority in Kuwait which has to be secured by the consignee prior to the import. April 2016 

Import of products into Kuwait will require packing details, COO and H.S. code on the commercial invoice. February 2016

Logistics Bulletin Libya


Due to an embargo on shipments air and sea freight services to Libyan ports are currently suspended from UAE. February 2017


Import of telecom products and devices will require an import permit from consignee prior to shipment. January 2016


Fumigation is mandatory on pallets imported into Nigeria. April 2016


For consignee’s importing goods into Doha, description of goods should be mentioned in the Importer’s Commercial Registration and Import License effective from 20th  April 2016.  This  is a mandatory requirement by Doha Customs and non-compliance will lead to legal action. April 2016


Logistics Bulletin UAE

United Arab Emirates

A value-added tax (VAT) rate of 5% will be implemented on UAE shipments from 1st January 2018. 



Sea freight services at the Aden port have been resumed. July 2016  


Fumigation is mandatory on pallets imported into Zimbabwe. January 2016