Pack options

We have a range of options for packing, see below for more information:

Workz pack and fulfilment secure data option

Secure data

Variable data is printed directly on pack ensuring a highly secure product with inline data verification that removes the need for data labelling and eliminates the chance of mis-matched data.

Workz pack and fulfilment tear off option

Tear off

Tear off flaps allows user to conveniently tear off and keep essential content.

Workz pack and fulfilment touch screen option

Touch Screen

Interactive touchscreen allows users to choose what video or content they desire.

Workz pack and fulfilment spot UV feature

Spot UV

UV varnish is a gloss varnish that provides three main benefits to your material: enhance your colours, gives materials a thicker, more robust, high-end feeling and provides your material with a protective layer so it lasts longer.UV varnish is available as three different types of options: Flood, Pattern and Reverse Pattern.

Workz pack and fulfilment embossing feature


Embossing, which is the raised print effect, offers personalization of your material and is a cost-effective way of giving it the differentiation it needs in a crowded market place. Embossing has been proven to make customers 60% more likely to touch your material and also increases the time they spend reviewing it by 92%. Emboss gives your customers this valuable opportunity to engage with your material through another sense.

Workz pack and fulfilment debossing feature


Debossing, is the print effect the image area is pushed in to the material print effect. Similar to embossing, debossing offers personalization of your material, a cost-effective way of market differentiate and the opportunity to engage your customers through touch which means they spend more time noticing your material.

Workz pack and fulfilment silver foil feature

Silver Foil

Silver-foiling is the application of pigment or metallic foil, popularly gold or silver, to your printed material. This adds an attractive and elegant finish to personalize and differentiate your material. Silver-foiling can be combined with embossing or debossing for enhanced impact.

Workz pack and fulfilment euroslot hang tab


The Euroslot hang tab is ideal for retail product display. The tab provides a robust method of handling your product on retail display hooks. This allows retailers to save space when presenting your product as they are able to display more products in less space.

Workz pack and fulfilment perf opening option

Perf opening

Secure sealed pack with perforated tear off opening that keeps pack protected as can only be opened once.