Secure Packing

Workz offers cost-efficient, secure packing solutions to lower supply chain costs as well as protect from loss and pilferage.

SECURE: As every year millions of dollars are lost to pilferage of goods in transit or storage, Workz provides a wide range of tamper evident and secure packing solutions using CGM Applied Security Technology that act to secure your products thoughout the supply chain reducing theft and its subsequent losses.

TRACKED: Workz also possesses advanced serialised product management systems with highly secure data handling and verification systems that provide real time tracking and product activation throughout the supply chain. This ensures accurate serialisation, sequencing, ordering and delivery of goods avoiding issues such as short-shipment deliveries or mis-labelled shipments.

COST-EFFICIENT: In addition, Workz focuses heavily on reducing supply chain costs by ensuring all packing is fully optimised throughout product & packaging design, production, fulfilment, packing and logistics to maximise cost-efficiencies.

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