SIM solutions

As a leading SIM manufacturer, Workz adopts an integrated approach covering all elements from marketing & design to technical, commercial and logistics providing a full SIM solution under one roof. We help remove unnecessary costs throughout the supply chain and offer a highly competitive delivery time for your product.  Furthermore, Workz provides applications and smart solutions that enable your business to enhance customer relationships and capitalise on new market opportunities allowing operators to build their brand, promote Value-Added-Services, and generate new revenue streams. Our SIM offering includes:

The card

The technology

  • All chip capacities 32kb-512kb
  • Operation systems: Workz Z-OS, Native & Java
  • Micro browsers: S@T, WIB, Celtick
  • Network compatibility: 2G/3G/LTE
  • M2M & NFC supported cards

Technical support

  • SIM profile creation & testing
  • Full GSMA & ETSI compliance
  • App development & mobile solutions
  • SIM training and aftersales support
  • Remote provisioning for UICC & EUICC


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