SIM apps

Workz also offers a range of SIM based applications such as:

Workz SIM App multi IMSI


This application allows subscribers to hold two or more subscriptions (and two or more numbers) on a single one SIM Card. In the instance where a subscriber has two separate numbers; e.g. one for personal use and one for business use, they can operate both numbers from the same SIM Card. The Multi-IMSI also allows prepaid/postpaid swapping features on a single SIM card.

  • Keeps customers and all their numbers on one existing network
  • Subscribers only require one phone but can have use of multiple subscriptions or numbers
Workz SIM App IMEI tracker

IMEI Tracker

The IMEI Tracker app enables network operators to push device configuration settings such as APN, MMS and WAP to handsets immediately meaning customers can enjoy services without having to make calls to the operator or go through complex settings menus.

  • Can perform remote updates and notification when user changes devices
  • Automatic updates eliminate the need for user to contact call centre
Workz SIM App extended phonebook

Extended Phonebook

As currently most 2G SIM cards support up to 254 ADN (Abbreviated Dialling Number) entries, this limits the number of contact numbers that can be stored inside the SIM card. Extended Phonebook allows the subscriber to store more than 254 contacts on the SIM card through an easy to use menu structure and several features like SMS, call etc.

  • Added value service that increases customer loyalty.
  • Enhances the user experience allowing users to store a large number of contacts and also allowing to segregate contacts to different phone books e.g. personal or business.
Workz SIM App password manager

Password Manager

Password Manager is a secure password management application embedded in the SIM that can help subscribers securely store confidential information such as passwords and PINs. Using the most secure encryption algorithms the user can securely store credit card information, bank routing numbers and other data on the SIM card. The in-built security features in the SIM help protect the data stored which can only be accessed via a master PIN.

  • Provides an additional revenue stream to the operator as well as being added value service that increases customer loyalty.
  • Offers a convenient, easy-to-use and mobile method in which to securely store data and avoids the subscriber having to remember multiply passwords with one secure master PIN.
Workz SIM App roaming detection

Roaming detection

This application notifies the MVNO when the subscriber is roaming on another network.