Smartphone apps

Workz software development team provides smartphone applications that enables you to revolutionise the way you interact with customers.

Workz quick top-up app

Quick Top-up

Workz Quick top-up app enables operators to provide customers with a faster and easier method of adding credit to their account by using a QR (Quick Response) code. As well as having multiple language options, additional services include SMS, e-mail, balance check/transfer etc. Utilising existing USSD protocol the app effectively integrates printed QR codes with online systems. This offers providers an opportunity to maximise branding, products, VAS and promotions, etc. It also allows efficient use of artwork as large content can be retrieved from a small printed space.


Workz ghosting app


Workz Ghosting app injects a new dimension to your printed materials allowing you to add hidden links to your printed material so users can interactively connect with the online world. This enhances printed collaterals by reducing heavy content which can be moved online. This also serves as a security feature. By scanning the ghost links in a printed artwork via their smart phone users are able to directly view online sites or videos. This allows customers to find a wide range of information on new products and services, promotions, FAQs, videos, or even nearest store via their GPS location.


Workz mobile self care app

Mobile Self-care

Workz Mobile Self-care app allows mobile operators to provide users with an all-in-one customer self-management app. This allows the user to have complete visibility and control so they can manage the account themselves from their smart phone e.g. change plans, add services, review usage and pay bills. Operators benefit from reduced call centre inquiries, cross-selling of other services plus the chance to generate new revenue though co-branding and partnerships with third parties.


Workz selfcare App