Z-OSe for eSIM

The eSIM allows subscription credentials to be remotely managed and downloaded via OTA.   Workz’s eSIM solutions cater to network operators, M2Ms and IoT service providers with the Z-OSe eSIM solution inside connected devices.  Z-OSe (embedded) is the most advanced version of Z-OS Operating System and has been specifically designed to answer changing consumer needs and eSIM market trends.

Workz Z-OSe is an operating system for the embedded SIM designed to provide secure and configurable network access to any connected device. Z-OSe product features brings the best in terms of security, efficiency, and eSIM lifecycle management updates and is deployable on a range of secure removable or fixed elements.

Workz Z-OSe is fully interoperable, following GSMA specifications and works along with Z-OSe Subscription Manager and Workz remote provisioning server.  The Workz Z-OSe Subscription Manager Server enables devices to be securely provisioned and managed with multiple mobile network subscriptions.  It also provides full activation and subscription management services.

For information on Workz’ Z-OSe please call us today on +9714 453 3198.