Z-OTA platform & campaigns

Workz Z-OTA offers operators a complete and easy way to centrally manage USIM cards in the market Over-The-Air (OTA) without being connected physically to the card. This enables operators to fast and efficiently keep customers’ SIMs up-to-date and allows the introduction of new SIM services.  Some instances where OTA campaign management is required include rebranding, launching new apps, change of host network or other updates on SIM files or SIM app.  Workz Z-OTA is highly scalable providing high capacity and redundancy capabilities to ensure a highly reliable, secure and updatable solution.


Z-OTA features include:

  • Push short messages: push notifications to a range of selected subscribers to promote VAS, marketing or 3rd party advertising messages
  • Remote File Management (RFM): real-time update of administrative files on the USIM card to map network evolutions
  • Remote Applet Management (RAM): add, delete or update USIM card applications to answer the changing subscribers’ requirements
  • STK services: provide static or dynamic content for USIM-based information-on-demand services


Z-OTA campaign management offers:

  • Creation: duration, subscribers, content, etc.
  • Monitoring: activity, billing, usage, and reports
  • Server administration: user management, batch provisioning, and server control


In addition, we offer a range of OTA solutions to fit all requirements, capabilities, and budgets.  These include cloud-hosted solutions at a remote location such as Workz’ data centre, dedicated secure server hosting and OTA management as well as self-hosting options with managed or self-managed services.


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Affordable and efficient OTA platform

Workz S@T platform app

S@T gateway

S@T gateway provides access for a SIM based S@T browser to application content hosted on an application server. This enables the operator to move functionality from the SIM to an application server, thereby saving valuable resources on the SIM. Applications are split, and only the most static components are stored on the SIM, with the dynamic elements hosted on the server.

Workz DynaSTK platform app


DSTK platform ensures subscribers always have convenient access to the latest content from mobile network operators which is critical to drive the usage of MNO’s content and services. Workz’ DSTK Server enables operators to quickly create and easily manage SIM toolkit menus on their subscribers’ SIM cards Over-The-Air allowing them to bring new services to market faster.

Workz marketing communication suiite

Marketing Communications Suite

Marketing Communications Suite (MCS) enables operators to offer more customised messages to subscribers. MCS attempts to personalise communications by using loyalty programs, new offers and prompts on existing services based on subscriber profiles and behaviour. Targeted communications can help operators promote relevant services, surveys or offers to subscribers which is designed to generate higher purchase rates.