Workz is an FIATA licensed freight forwarder specialising in logistics and warehousing of serialized goods such as telecoms products and high-value electronics. With TAPA A-certified warehousing & cargo management, whatever your logistical challenge, Workz delivers your product reliably and securely. As your third party logistics provider we give you:

Knowhow: In last 12 months we shipped over 2,700 tonnes by air, sea and road through the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe & Asia.

Reach: We currently ship to over 40+ countries including high risk locations and remote areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, Yemen, Congo DRC, Somalia, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Greater control & visibilty: As a certified freight forwarder we provide full control over shipments enabling us to choose carriers and transport companies freely as well as work directly with airlines without having to go through third parties so we can provide the optimal route for your requirements. We also provide shipping reports and freight tracking so you know what’s happening at all times.

Time savings: In addition, we take care of all documentation such as legislation and certification, customs inspections, & insurance.

Cost savings: We give you increased efficiency and cost savings through packing optimisation that avoids container wastage, shipment optimisation that efficiently delivers what you need by when you need it, and effective demand planning to deal with obsolete and excess stock and inventory. Furthermore as your regional logistics hub Workz also provides duty exemption on all imports and same day clearance.


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