eSIM provider, Workz Group's CEO talks about the company growth

What our big changes mean for you

I wanted to touch base to give you an update on recent developments and what it means for you as a valued partner. As the new Group CEO of Workz, it’s been a great pleasure to join such an excellent team and be able to work with co-founders Brad and Tor who, through their dedication and passion, continue to develop the company on a daily basis.

Earlier this year we announced the completion of our first phase of company expansion initiatives that saw the opening of our new European offices and facilities including our company HQ in Dublin. The aim of which is to provide greater economies of scale as a global player but retain the close, local support for customers. We foresee further office openings in the U.S. and Asia in the very near future as we continue to support mobile network operators and device manufacturers across the globe with GSMA-certified eSIM chip production, personalisation and provisioning in both the consumer and M2M sectors. To date, we have now deployed eSIM technology in five continents and just recently announced a global 50 million eSIM project with the world’s largest IoT cellular module provider.

My role is to support this growth and, given my background in software development, one of the first projects I’ve been involved with here is establishing a new special purpose R&D centre in Ireland which we aim to open at the end of this year. We’re really excited by this venture and hope for it to drive innovation across our software solutions so you gain even greater value and efficiencies.

As always, we are committed to providing clients with a fully secure, interoperable and future-ready IoT ecosystem and it has been fantastic to be involved in so many pioneering initiatives. We now look forward to building on this success with you. If you have any feedback to share or would like to have a chat about your eSIM or IoT strategy then I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, have a great summer.

Best regards
Stéphane Fund, Workz Group CEO

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