Consumer eSIM solutions from Workz Group

The eSIM opportunity

400% growth

eSIM technology and its market growth | Workz Group

Forecast of eSIM enabled devices

Source: Markets and markets

Increase in multiple device subscriptions​

eSIM technology across various sectors | Workz Group

Global eSIM device shipments 2018-2025

Source: Counterpoint

The No.1 SIM for OEMs

50+ eSIM flagship devices

eSIM-enabled devices offered by leading manufacturers | Workz Group

Leading manufacturers with eSIM in new products

A global phenomenon​

eSIM devices in the market | Workz Group

Worldwide adoption of eSIM technology

Source: Workz

Benefits to the MNO

Benefits of eSIM technology for mobile network operators | Workz Group

6 reasons to provide end-users and enterprise clients eSIM technology

GSMA-certified eSIM solutions from Workz Group
Learn more about the potential of eSIM and remote SIM provisioning of new subscribers

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