Code of conduct


Our Company is rapidly building a tradition of success. As we seek to provide the very best people, products and services, maximise profitability and increase our shareholder’s equity, we must not forget that honest labour and principled competition are the cornerstones of Workz’ success. We are subject not only to various legal requirements, but also to the high expectations of our shareholders, customers, suppliers and fellow employees. These high requirements and expectations, together with trust and integrity, establish the minimum level of our behaviour and are essential to our success and profitability. More importantly, they are key to ensuring that everyone we deal with is proud to be associated with us.

This Code of Conduct sets forth some guiding principles. We shall at all times strive to create and maintain an environment that rewards honesty and integrity and maintains a high standard of ethics. We are expected to honour the spirit, as well as the letter of this Code. Anything less is unacceptable.


The Code of Conduct applies to all employees of the Workz Group of Companies and its subsidiaries. This Code is a reminder of the basic principles of Conduct.

Core values

Workz focuses on enhancing the success of its people, partners and associates while embracing innovation, accountability, integrity, teamwork and respect and learning. We commit to these values to guide our decisions and our behaviours:

  • INNOVATION: We constantly look for better ways to deliver value to our customers, owners, suppliers, and fellow associates. We anticipate, adapt and create solutions before we are asked to do so.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We say what we will do, and we do what we said. We consistently produce results that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and suppliers. We accept our individual and team responsibilities to meet our commitments.
  • INTEGRITY: We abide by the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take.
  • TEAMWORK: We honour the rights and beliefs of our employees, partners and community. We treat others with the highest degree of respect, equality and trust, leveraging our cultural diversity to meet common goals.
  • LEARNING: We continually strive to acquire new knowledge, to improve performance and to enable growth personally and professionally.


Honesty and integrity

Everyone we deal with should believe in and trust us. Our Company is nothing more or less than its employees as a whole. Dishonesty, misrepresentations, fraud and deceit have no place in our Company and will not be tolerated.

Company resources

The Company’s assets, including equipment, systems, software, information intellectual property and employees’ time are to be used only for the benefit of the Company.

Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest divide loyalties and injure reputations. It is essential that personal or financial interests do not conflict or even appear to conflict with the interest of our Company.

Employees will not accept or ask for payments or gifts (other than advertising novelties or other items of nominal value) including any favours or services that might be regarded as placing the employee under some obligation to a third party dealing or desiring to deal with Workz.

Employees will not accept or ask for payments or gifts (other than advertising novelties or other items of nominal value), including any favours or services which might be regarded as compromising to our customers or suppliers, or with the intent to unfairly influence them.

Employment of a Workz employee with any other firm or person, including self-employment, is prohibited.

Employees will not engage in any outside activity that uses the skill, knowledge and/or intellectual property of Workz, including property the employee developed or uses in the performance of their duties and responsibilities at Workz.

Employees will not have any relationship with any business enterprise that might affect the employee’s independence of judgment in transactions between Workz and the other business enterprise or otherwise conflicts with the proper performance of the employee’s duties at Workz.

Employees must receive prior approval of Workz’ Board of Directors before accepting any appointment to membership of the board of directors, standing committee, or similar body of any outside company, organization or government agency (other than charitable, educational, fraternal, political, community or religious organizations or similar groups), whether or not a possible conflict of interest might result from the acceptance of any such appointment.

A Workz employee may not have an investment or business interest in any supplier or customer of Workz.

Employees may not have any interest in another company, other than listed companies, without prior written notice to the Board of Directors of Workz.

In cases where the employee is in a position to direct or could influence someone else to direct business to himself/herself, a family member or relative or close friend, or to a firm in which any of such persons has a financial, employment or other interest, the employee must promptly disclose this situation to the CEO or CFO of the Company in writing  before such a commitment is made.

An employee may not pass any information to others unless there is a work-related need to know and then only with the understanding that information is confidential. The employee may not use the information for any other non-work related purposes.

Confidential information

Due to the nature of the business, a great deal of technical, marketing, competitive and business/financial information is gathered and should be considered Workz proprietary information.

All the intellectual property in the business is Workz’ proprietary information. All such information must be treated sensitively and with discretion. Such information should not be disclosed except as appropriate business needs dictate.

The employee is not allowed to send files or other info to external email addresses other than to customers or suppliers who need those files or info for their work with us. More specifically, it is not allowed to send files to Employee’s own ‘gmail’, ‘yahoo’, ‘’ account or similar. If Employee needs to work on company files at home, permission must first be got from dept head or CEO first. Also, customers, vendors or others should not send any files or info to other email address than the email.

Employees and employment practices

Workz will encourage diversity as an employer, including diversity in race, sex, age, religion, national origin, etc. and is committed to ensuring that the workplace is free from unlawful harassment.

Workz also seeks to provide a safe and healthy work environment. All employees are expected to contribute to achieving these goals and to bring to the Company’s attention any conduct, whether directed towards them or others, that is contrary to these policies.

All Workz employees are expected to devote their best efforts, knowledge and ability to further the Company’s success. The Company, in turn, will strive to treat employees in a fair manner and to reward them for their contributions.


We should at all times deal fairly with our competitors. Our goal is to win on the merits of our products and services. Comparisons to our competitors should always be fair and never misleading.

Disparagement of competitors reflects negatively on us, not on them. Disparagement is not to be used as sales or marketing tactic.

We will not induce others to break binding contracts with competitors.

We will not cheat our customer by discussing pricing policies, terms and conditions, marketing and product plans or other such information with our competition.

Our success will depend upon our long-term adherence to the principles of free and fair competition.

Representing the company

Employees are entitled to their private lives and activities, free from restraints imposed by their employer. The Company respects the individual’s right to privacy. However, all of us are representatives of the Company.

Care should always be taken to ensure that non-business activities are kept strictly separate and apart from business activities and do not interfere or reflect poorly on the Company or undermine confidence in our collective integrity.

Compliance with the laws and company policies

All employees are responsible for learning and complying with all rules and policies applicable to their positions in the Company.

All employees shall comply with the letter and spirit of all rules and policies governing their activities on behalf of the Company.

Communication of concerns regarding accounting matters

If anyone has concerns regarding questionable behaviour, conduct, accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters of the Company, please contact one of the owners. You do not have to identify yourself, and you may submit your concerns on a confidential, anonymous basis.


As we work to build our company and achieve and maintain long-term success and profitability, we must remember the high expectations of everyone with whom we deal.

We will be uncompromising in our sense of principles and ethics. Trust is the foundation on which relationships are built, and companies are made.

This Code of Conduct establishes minimum standards for our actions. Our corporate culture must be based on values, which we can all share.

No Code of Conduct can cover all areas of acceptable business behaviour, so in all debatable situations, we should always test our actions by asking ourselves how our family, friends and co-workers would view our actions. If we are not comfortable with the answer, then we do not need a Code of Conduct or rulebook to tell us what to do.

Quality policy

Workz strives to be the best provider of product and service solutions in the telecommunications industry.  To consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, we have implemented a quality management system that complies with the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001.  All personnel are trained and accountable for the quality of their work.  Workz employs a quality control system for every stage of our processes to achieve the quality standards that our customers require.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time.  In the event, we receive a customer complaint, we are committed to investigating the issue and will do our best to resolve all justified complaints.

The organization, policies and procedures necessary to achieve the required standards are described in Workz’ Quality Management System.

The Quality Manager is responsible for monitoring the quality system against the quality objectives set and reports regularly to Workz’ senior management team on the system’s implementation, status and effectiveness. We continually seek improvement by constant review of the requirements and feedback from our customers, legal and regulatory requirements, suppliers and sub-contractors, and of our internal business processes to enhance our service and provide a quality product and service that meets or exceeds their expectations.