Capitalise on the new array of next-generation devices by remotely activating their eSIM subscriptions, efficiently managing their setting and delivering a richer quality of experience – all from one platform.
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Capitalise on the new array of next-generation devices by remotely activating their eSIM subscriptions, efficiently managing their setting and delivering a richer quality of experience – all from one platform.

Why every MNO will need an Entitlement server

With the growth of new cellular-connected devices, operators are likely to have to manage many more connections and their related settings, creating the need for an effective and efficient way to do this. An entitlement server enables providers to connect a new breed of mobile devices, deliver next-generation services to the user, manage subscriber authentication, and configure service settings over the air, across all devices from a single, efficient platform.

Why telcos should use an entitlement server?

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Increase subscriptions & ARPU

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Improve QoE

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Enhance device management

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Expand into emerging markets

Entitlement key functionalities

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Connect companion devices

Activate subscriptions for companion devices such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear by managing the download of eSIMs to provision the device.

Increase ARPU with multi-SIM

With studies showing telcos can enjoy an uptick of 30% on ARPU with multi-SIM, the surge in the number of devices per user (expected to be four by 2023) offers a great opportunity to grow revenue.

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New value-added services

Improve quality of services with next-generation capabilities such as Vo-LTE and RCS that enrich the user experience and increase loyalty.

Increase performance

Gain greater control of devices, increasing security through advanced authentication, and improving the efficiency of all device management activities through one single platform.

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Control the future with Entitlement cloud

Entitlement cloud offers a host of new service capabilities which can be managed from one central, cost-efficient platform with both cloud and onsite hosting options. It is accompanied by full integration, extensive APIs, 24/7 support and is fully compliant with both Apple’s and Samsung’s specifications related to companion devices and VoLTE/VoWiFi entitlement.

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Seamless integration

It forms part of our comprehensive suite of subscriber connectivity solutions and complements our eSIM management cloud platform.

This means you get one point of contact for all your subscriber solutions saving you time and cost.

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Fast set up

We offer a plug-and-play set up with fast-track onboarding and highly responsive technical support.

This ensures easier deployment and a faster time to market.

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We offer an extremely commercially attractive solution with a highly scalable pay-as-you-grow model with no large setup costs, equipment or other CAPEX expenses required.

This means you enjoy full scalability to grow with market demand and maximise your ROI, without a prohibitive-sized investment.

We have a proven track record of enabling MNOs and MVNOs to quickly capitalise on growing market opportunities and offer a future-ready solution for today’s and tomorrow’s devices. Learn more about what opportunities Entitlement cloud can bring you. Contact us today.


Do I need an Entitlement Server to provision eSIM devices?

This is not required for iPhones but it is mandatory for provisioning the Apple Watch. Our solution provides the Entitlement Server.

Do I need to work with an Apple-approved partner to connect Apple devices?

To be able to provision Apple devices as per the standard, you do not need to work with an Apple-approved partner, however, if you would like to use the Entitlement Server then this is a requirement which our solution provides.

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