eSIM platform free trial

Sell eSIM before you buy

For a limited time only, we are offering a free trial of our hybrid eSIM management platform for up to 6 months which will enable you to have an eSIM platform up and running this year allowing you to test-drive selling eSIM subscriptions completely free of charge with no set up fees or other hidden costs.
This offer allows network providers to test and evaluate the system whilst providing a commercial soft launch capability. The customer will receive an agreed number of profiles (with QR codes for consumer devices) to download, install and launch devices on their network.

Free trial terms

  • Offer is available to MNOs, MVNOs and connectivity providers
  • The term is 90-180 days and the free number of profiles is based on the number of subscribers
  • Workz will require an electronic profile, input files, and zero-value purchase order for the number of profiles specified
  • The remaining free profiles will expire after the trial period
  • The trial can be extended or converted into full commercial operations by the purchase of additional bundles of profiles

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