Network switching

Smart network switching

A smart network switching SIM applet enables multiple IMSI profiles on a single SIM which can be managed Over-The-Air with the adding, deleting, enabling or disabling of the IMSI.

Benefits of Multi-IMSI | Workz Group
Benefits of Multi-IMSI | Workz Group

Why change IMSI?

Having a SIM applet with multi-IMSI capabilities enables service providers to increase revenue and loyalty by selling as a premium or valued-added service:

Coverage - Network switching solution | Workz Group

Gain better coverage and overcome weak signal strength by selecting the best available network

Intelligent connectivity
Intelligent connectivity

Smart network switching capabilities to automate network selection

Redundancy - Network switching solution | Workz Group

Backup network(s) for mission and business-critical operations

Ready for use - Network switching solution | Workz Group
Ready for use

Enables out-of the-box connectivity across territories

Cost - Network switching solution | Workz Group

Reduced rates through local connectivity options

Preferred partners - Network switching solution | Workz Group
Preferred partners

Supports roaming connectivity to affiliated businesses or preferred partners.

Multiple Numbers - Network switching solution | Workz Group
Multiple numbers

various lines – one SIM subscription for different use or billing.

What’s the best way to switch networks?

Both multi-IMSI and eSIM’s software, eUICC offer multiple network roaming capabilities and a host of other benefits. Which is right for your business?

Well, in short, it depends on how the SIM will be used. eUICC offers greater flexibility to users to change network profile over the air via remote SIM provisioning. This can be of great value in the consumer device market where the end-user is likely to want to manage their own network connectivity and billing.

On the other hand, multi-IMSI is a solution that can offer providers a more cost-effective solution with a great deal more control over network connectivity as well as device and billing management. As result, multi-IMSI is a highly attractive option for M2M enterprise uses.

Multi-IMSI vs eUICC software | Workz Group

Use cases

Here are a few examples of how a smart network switching applet can be used:

Network switching for OEM's | Workz Group
OEMs & enterprise
Provides multiple bootstrap network profiles to gain wider out-of-the-box coverage across territories and business redundancy.
Multinational service providers | Workz Group
Multinational service providers
Enables multinational group service providers to offer their subscribers a single SIM card with cheaper local data plans in every country where the MNO is operating or local roaming profiles for preferred partners.
Network switching for service providers | Workz Group
All service providers

Offers subscribers two or more phone numbers on one SIM which can serve useful for enterprise clients that wish to separate business and private numbers or billing. 

Network switching for MVNO's | Workz Group
Offers mobile virtual network operators maximum business competitive by enabling them to have the option to switch subscribers from one host network to another based.
Network switching for Asset tracking | Workz Group

Why Workz Z Network Switching?

Proven | Workz Group


Over a decade of deploying multi-IMSI solutions in five continents and compliant to all leading SIM standards.

Cost efficient | Workz Group


Part of a modular full suite of SIM solutions including 3-in-1 seamless SIM, Z-OS, SAS-certified data management services, VAS applets and solutions.

Responsive | Workz Group


Fast profile and applet development, responsive technical & aftersales support and optional Over-The-Air subscriber management services.

Learn more about the benefits of Z Network Switching, reach out to a Workz technical consultant today.