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Increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and quality of service whilst reducing subscriber churn with effective, fast-to-deploy Over-The-Air VAS solutions with quick returns but without the heavy capital expenditure, complexities and proprietary issues that many network operators face.

Workz offering is a comprehensive OTA solution including a Z-OTA platform, campaign management services including campaign creation, monitoring, administration and reporting as well as integration and support.

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Z-OTA: Affordable Over-The-Air SIM management

What can I do with Z-OTA?

From launching new SIM applets to push messaging to updating SIM file, no matter what your budget, with Z-OTA platform, network providers have a wide range of Over-The-Air possibilities to increase revenue, answer users’ ever-changing requirements, improve quality of service (QoS) and reduce subscriber churn.

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Increase revenue
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Improve QoE
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Reduce subscriber churn

Based on our experience, here are some of the most popular and most effective Value Added Services (VAS) for providers:

IoT security

With the advent of IoT, 5G, eSIM and other emerging technologies, operators will see a surge in the number of businesses looking for cellular-connected solutions from smart meters, healthcare devices, and cars to connected airports. It will therefore become more important than ever before to secure these new types of sensitive data being transmitted from potential new and unseen threats. IoT security is a SIM applet that provides secure credential management to address this issue adding a layer of security to UICC and eUICC SIMs. The applet ensures highly secure connections between endpoints by issuing and storing keys and certificates and is compliant to the GSMA’s IoT Safe standard. The added peace of mind for enterprises is highly attractive and requires relatively little development work from the service provider who can offer this a premium service.
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Customer Network Name

Customer Network Name (CNN) is a simple remote file management activity which requires no additional development from network providers but can effectively be used as a highly efficient way to increase ARPU. A premium can be charged by offering either VIP individuals or businesses the option to personalise the displayed network name on their device to their own choice such as their name or company. Alternatively, it can be used to run seasonal campaigns or promotions or to segment subscribers by plan or loyalty. We have worked with several operators who have had tremendous success monetising such programs whilst increasing user satisfaction.

Z-Push messaging

Z-Push sends either a regular text or flash text that is displayed on the handset screen to promote a new service or provide an important notification. This provides significantly high reach and visibility which commands a response from the subscriber in terms of an ‘OK’ or ‘No’ confirmation meaning it is a very effective way to establish awareness amongst subscribers.
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Other OTA VAS options

Learn more about these Over-The-Air Value Added Service possibilities and everything else from our new IoT solutions to mobile wallet SIM applets to simply customising your SIM toolkit menu or setting roaming priorities. Get in touch with us today.

Why Z-OTA is the preferred OTA platform

Z-OTA is a complete, fast to deploy and highly affordable SIM OTA platform solution, with scalable options for low-volumeon a single server to large throughputs of up to 10,000 messages per second, providing high-capacity and redundancy to ensure a highly reliable and secure solution.  

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Comprehensive solution

  • Hosted or onsite platform
  • Value-Added-Services
  • Campaign management
  • Integration, maintenance & support
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Fast deployment

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Z-OTA explained

Learn more about Z-OTA; the platform, the types and their performance and much more with our OTA explained tech sheet.

If you would like to find out more about what Z-OTA and our VAS solutions can do for you today.