Give devices out-of-the-box connectivity

A bootstrap profile gives your eSIM devices initial connectivity when it is switched on for the first time. You should ensure that this profile has coverage in every country and region that your devices will be used. If you do not know where in the world your device will be deployed, then a bootstrap profile with global roaming connectivity is required for the SIM to be managed in any location. A bootstrap profile provides great flexibility in terms of allowing out-the-box connectivity and giving device makers a worldwide one-size-fits-all solution, meaning local or regional customisation is not required at point of manufacture which can save a significant amount of time and cost, reducing stock levels and achieving a single stock keeping unit or SKU.

How to get IoT M2M connectivity

Remote SIM provisioning with certified eSIM provider | Workz Group

Enjoy cost-efficient connectivity management

The beauty of remote SIM provisioning lies in the fact that you can push a local operational profile Over-The-Air to the eSIM which offers a more cost-effective connectivity method than a global roaming profile. Depending on the number of connections that you can commit to, network operators may or may not be willing to provide local profiles directly to a third-party. Working with a certified eSIM manufacturer and service provider may make the difference between getting a cost-effective local profile or having to use a costlier international roaming profile.

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Ensure connectivity redundancy

In some cases, you may need multiple connectivity providers in-country to offer redundancy, ensuring highly reliable network connectivity or to fulfil specific regulation, such as that seen in the Indian automotive industry which requires connectivity to at least two networks. eSIM technology supports these requirements as multiple profiles can be loaded or preloaded.

Enhance usability

SIM applets such as a Smart Network Switching applet can also enhance usability by automatically selecting a network based on set criteria such as signal strength or tariff rate.

Development & testing

As a leading eSIM and M2M SIM provider, we have a proven track record of enabling device manufacturers and IoT providers to get eSIM connectivity in a matter of weeks.

eSIM profile development & testing from IoT solutions provider | Workz Group

Profile development & testing

Complimentary profile development and testing for optimal connectivity

Applet development from eSIM provider | Workz Group

Applet development

Complimentary SIM applet development and testing for enhanced usability

M2M SIM solutions - Device and network testing | Workz Group

Device and network testing

Device and network compatibility testing for guaranteed performance

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Secure data and key management

HSM secured data and key management services with FIPs Level 3 security to protect the integrity of your data

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