Be ready for the connectivity revolution with eSIM

The global M2M market is expected to reach over one billion connections by 2022 worth an estimated 93 billion dollars. eSIM brings mobile connectivity to a far wider range of devices such as cars, smart energy, health monitoring devices etc. with its eUICC remote SIM provisioning capabilities providing a powerful enabler to deliver value-enriched, next-generation solutions.

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IoT eSIM subscription management


Why use eSIM?

  • 98% smaller than traditional SIMs
  • 20 times lighter
  • 10 x lifespan ten times that of the traditional SIM allowing up to 1 million rewrites of its memory
  • Considerably more durable withstanding extreme temperatures up to 105oc
  • Great deal stronger with high shock resistance allowing it to perform in the most demanding operational conditions
  • Enables a device to be fully waterproof as the SIM can be sealed directly within the device.

Learn all you need to know about eSIM; the forms factors, the types, their performance and much more with our eSIM explained tech sheet.

What is eUICC?

The eSIM is a global specification by the GSMA which, through its eUICC software, enables remote SIM provisioning of any mobile device meaning it can to connect to any mobile network with network profile additions, updates and deletions all managed Over-The-Air without the need to change the physical SIM. 


Global SKUs

Manufacturers no longer need to provision devices for each specific country at the production stage. Instead, devices can possess universal connectivity through a provisional bootstrap network profile. The bootstrap profile enables the device to download a fully operational profile once out in the local market. This saves manufacturers a significant amount of time and cost in product distribution and stock management with a single stock-keeping unit (SKU) able to be sold anywhere in the world.



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Capitalise on growing IoT needs with eSIM

As a leading eSIM and M2M SIM manufacturer, we are one of only six providers certified by the GSMA in production, personalisation, and remote provisioning of eSIMs to guaranteeing full security, interoperability and future-proofing of devices. From chip and OS, to bootstrap and operational profile development to data management and personalisation, we have a proven track record of enabling device manufacturers and IoT providers to get eSIM connectivity in a matter of weeks.

eSIM chip and eUICC OS:

  • GSMA SAS-certified eSIM manufacturing with a range of M2M chips including embedded MFF2: DNF8/DNF6 and removable: 2/3/4FF to fit all devices and uses.
  • Certified eUICC manufacturer (EUM) for SIM personalisation with ISO 27001-certified secure data management.
  • Advanced, non-proprietary, eUICC SIM OS for high performance.
  • Reliable connectivity support with complimentary profile and applet development and testing.
  • GSMA-certified remote SIM provisioning platform services for trusted device management.

Get your devices connected with eSIM today, get in touch with one of our technical consultants now.


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How do you ensure eSIM security?