SIM, OTA, VAS training by Saji Krishnan, Technical Manager, Workz Group

Learn about the latest SIM developments

As an operator, your role in the development of the telecoms sector is vital thus it’s important for you to be aware and understand the dynamic key SIM technologies in our industry such as network evolutions, SIM technologies, M2M, eSIM, VAS services and much more.


As a leading SIM and mobile solutions provider, our mobile solutions team has designed a SIM course specifically for those looking for a personalised training to gain greater understanding.  With expert guidance, you will be provided with a series of interactive sessions exploring the complete SIM development technologies, processes and best practices.


The training will feature

  • Evolution of mobile networks from 2G to 4G
  • Introduction to SIM, USIM and Java card technology
  • An overview of NFC ecosystem
  • USIM cards for LTE networks
  • M2M SIM & eSIM cards
  • Remote (U)SIM card management
  • (U)SIM based value added service


Who is this training for?
Those presently working in telecoms for mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators:

  • SIM engineers
  • VAS engineers
  • Product managers
  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Procurement professionals
  • Logistics professionals


What will you gain from the training?

  • Knowledge of 2G,3G,4G standards evolution
  • Information on electrical profiles and SIM applications
  • Overview of existing VAS & evaluate future state-of-art technologies and services
  • Understanding of elements required for data generation and card production
  • Awareness of OTA technology and understanding OTA solution capabilities
  • Understanding of NFC ecosystem and solutions available
  • Usage of SIM testing tools for testing test cards or BAP cards


Check the on-site tour and training agenda 


Key details
Location: Workz Group SIM facility, Dubai, UAE
Date: 2nd Wednesday of every month


The certificate
All attendees will receive a certificate on successfully completing the course.


Meet your trainer 

Saji Krishnan
Technical Manager
Saji Krishnan, Technical Manager, LinkedIn profile


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