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According to the GSMA, global SIM subscribers will rise from 5 billion to almost 6 billion by 2025 with emerging technologies such as 5G and eSIM playing a key role in this growth. Whether you are looking at existing products or future technologies it is important to have a SIM provider that supports the evolution of your business with secure, standards compliant, interoperable solutions.

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Enjoy a new breed of SIM solution

As a world top 10 SIM card manufacturer certified by the GSMA for UICC & eUICC (eSIM) production and data personalisation, we adopt a highly secure, cost-efficient, integrated approach. From profile development and technical support, secure data management and production to packaging and fulfilment, we provide a complete SIM solution under one roof without having to rely on remote third-party suppliers that impact time, costs and quality. This removes unnecessary costs throughout the supply chain enabling you to get the highest quality product at the most competitive prices within the quickest delivery times.

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Having been tried and tested in over 70 countriesWorkz provides a complete SIM solution for all your requirements. 

Learn all you need to know about our SIM range; the forms factors, the types, their performance and much more with our SIM explained tech sheet.

SIM technician at Workz Group
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M2M eSIM provider, Workz provides insight on the automotive sector

Be ready for the M2M IoT revolution with eSIM

The global M2M IoT market is expected to reach over one billion connections by 2022 worth an estimated $93 billion. To support this growth, eSIM, with its eUICC remote SIM provisioning capabilities, brings mobile connectivity to a wider range of devices such as transport, smart energy, and health devices. As businesses’ connected needs evolve in line with this, Workz has a proven track record of helping network operators, device manufacturers and IoT providers capitalise on this unprecedented opportunity.

Learn more about the forms and capabilities our M2M SIM range with our M2M eSIM explained tech sheet.