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PKI network security for 5G

With IoT connections expected to surpass four billion by 2024, mobile operators face a growing number of challenges to protect next-generation networks such as 4G, and 5G as well as their infrastructure. It is clear that as subscribers’ connected needs evolve from just smartphones to smart meters, healthcare devices, cars and connected airports, so too should the level of network security. As data transmitted over cellular networks becomes increasingly more sensitive and valuable, the integrity of this data and their devices face new, unseen threats. Providing secure communications to end-users in this IoT age is critical to the long-term success of mobile operators.

Future-proof your network with PKI

Using the encryption framework of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to address your network security can enable you to securely encrypt communications with all connected devices provided with a trusted identity, protecting them against unauthorised interception and hijacks whether it is a physical or cyber-attack. 

PKI network with IoT solutions provider | Workz Group
PKI security platform & certificate manager | Workz Group

Workz PKI security platform & certificate manager

Workz PKI network security platform and certificate manager provides operators with a future-proof solution that offers continued protection throughout network evolutions:

  • High security
  • Internal threat protection
  • Vendor-neutral for operational freedom
  • Automated certificate management
  • Trusted device identities for authentication
  • Full interoperability adhering to industry standards
  • Scalable for company growth

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