Remote provisioning

The eSIM remote provisioning opportunity

According to a recent market report, total eSIM shipments reached nearly 300 million in 2019, and are expected to increase by 300% in just four years with hyper-adoption now expected following the launch of several flagship consumer devices from all leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei. More and more eSIM devices are expected to follow soon.

The GSMA’s global eSIM specification enables remote SIM provisioning of any mobile device. Users no longer need to change the physical SIM to change network. The eUICC software of the eSIM allows it to connect to any network with profile additions, updates and deletions, all managed Over-The-Air.

How can operators benefit from eSIM?

  • Greater means to expand into emerging markets such as wearables, consumer electronics and automotive
  • SIM card distribution time and costs can be eliminated
  • New opportunities for device distribution and marketing of subscriptions
  • Increase your revenue with high-ARPU subscribers​
  • Reinforce your brand as a market leader
  • Expand in-country roaming revenues through low-cost subscriber acquisition and a user-friendly digital registration process​
eSIM-enabled tablet user | Benefits of remote SIM provisioning for operators- Eliminate SIM card distribution time & cost | Workz Group
eSIM-enabled smartphone user | Benefits of remote SIM provisioning for operators- Eliminate SIM card distribution time & cost | Workz Group
eSIM remote provisioning benefits for mobile network operators - new revenue channels | Workz Group
eSIM-enabled smart watch user | Benefits of remote SIM provisioning for operators- High ARPU subscribers | Workz Group
Brand recognition amongst eSIM device owners | Benefits of remote SIM provisioning for operators- reinforce brand as a market leader | Workz Group
Subscriber using eSIM device | Benefits of remote SIM provisioning for operators - Tap into new roaming revenues |Workz Group

The growing eSIM opportunity for MNOs

Reach new high-ARPU users in just days

We have a proven track record of enabling MNOs and MVNOs to capitalise on this rapidly growing market opportunity and get eSIM devices connected to their network in as little as just two days. Our eSIM remote provisioning solution is certified by the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme for Subscription Management and offers a highly secure, interoperable, scalable, and future-ready solution for today’s and tomorrow’s devices.

eSIM provider on how operators can reach high ARPU subscribers | Workz Group

Our consumer eSIM provisioning solution

  • Comprehensive profile development and testing
  • A GSMA-certified SM-DP+ cloud platform with hosting options in London, Amsterdam and Dubai as well as onsite deployment options
  • Remote SIM provisioning services and data preparation plus services with extensive APIs for easy integration to your existing systems
  • Over-The-Air SIM management platform giving you full control of files, apps and configurations
  • An entitlement platform and services that enables advanced device management capabilities and the provisioning of the Apple Watch
  • Subscriber activation and integration support
eSIM profile development & testing from IoT solutions provider | Workz Group
Profile development & testing
Applet development from eSIM provider | Workz Group
Consumer eSIM provisioning solution - cloud or on-site | Workz Group
Cloud / onsite
Consumer eSIM provisioning solution - SMDP + | Workz Group
SIM solutions - SIM OTA | Workz Group
Entitlement platform

Simplify subscriber activation with eSIM

eSIM subscriber activation: How to connect your eSIM device

Pay only for what you use

We offer an extremely efficient low-cost, pay-as-you-go model with no setup costs, equipment or other CAPEX expenses required. Billing is based only on the number of profiles downloaded so you pay only for what you use.

Get all the answers you need about how to connect eSIM devices to your network with our frequently asked questions on eSIM remote provisioning.

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eSIM manufacturing for M2M SIM with eSIM provider | Workz Group
eSIM solution - Pay as you go | Workz Group
Pay as you go
eSIM solution - fast | Workz Group

What the eSIM and eUICC means for mobile network operators