SIM orchestration

SIM orchestration platforms enable mobile network operators to drive new IoT revenues by providing a full lifecycle management service catering to the growing number of SIM (and eSIM) devices out in the M2M market which is set to be worth $31 billion by 2025. From service activation, remote SIM provisioning and connectivity management to asset tracking, our IoT orchestration solution delivers reliable, cost-efficient remote Over-the-Air control of SIM devices.

Easy integration

Workz’ SIM orchestration platform and services are fully compliant with GSMA standards to ensure optimum security and interoperability. In addition, we provide APIs for easy integration with your existing OSS and BSS systems.


Drive revenues through valued intelligence

Deliver highly desired valued-added insight to your enterprise customers with real-time data from SIM devices for actionable intelligence from:

  • Geo-location
  • Connectivity
  • Device usage
  • Device settings
  • And more

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