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Connect eSIM devices to your network

We enable mobile operators to offer network connectivity to the rapidly growing number of consumer eSIM devices with a simple phased approach to get eSIM devices connected to your network in a matter of days without impacting your current business processes.

Workz, in conjunction with Truphone, offers a GSMA SAS-SM accredited remote SIM provisioning (RSP) solution that will allow you to provision all consumer devices with GSMA-compliant eSIMs including the new iPhone XS/XR and Apple Watch with a fully interoperable and future-proof solution.


How we help

Our consumer eSIM remote SIM provisioning solution includes comprehensive profile development and testing, a SM-DP+ cloud platform, and provisioning services as well as QR codes for subscriber activation.


Why Workz

We offer the fastest to market solution at the most competitive price with our Pay-As-You-Go payment plan ensuring you only pay for what you use.  The solution is highly reliable, interoperable, secure, and scalable with high-capacity and redundancy.


Hosting options

We provide a cloud hosting options in London with alternative options soon to be in Amsterdam and Dubai.  We can also support onsite deployment if required.  Being both ISO 27001 and GSMA SAS-SM-certified we guarantee the highest level of physical, virtual and logical information security.

Implementation timelines

Using your existing subscriber registration process we can get you live within a matter of only 2-4 weeks.  This is the fastest route to market and involves providing the subscriber with a QR code that directs to a unique weblink to download their profile.

We can also provide enhanced integration with the DP+ and self-care portals based on your requirements but would recommend this as a phase two implementation.

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Going live

With your live eSIM profiles, customer registration and activation of their eSIM device is a simple and easy experience.


Pricing & billing

We provide an extremely efficient low-cost, pay-as-you-go model with no setup costs, equipment or other CAPEX expenses required.

Billing is done quarterly in arrears and based only on the number of profiles downloaded.

Get all the answers you need about how to connect eSIM devices to your network with our FAQs on eSIM provisioning.


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