Trusted eSIM management

IoT devices communicating over mobile networks will revolutionise business. Whether you’re a mobile operator, device manufacturer or service provider, we deliver a secure, connected experience so you can manage your assets remotely with full control. With eSIM remote provisioning and subscription lifecycle management, we allow you to automate, to get insight in real time and improve your product offering enabling your business to enjoy greater effectiveness, efficiency and cost savings.

The eSIM

With the choice of embedded or removable (hybrid) elements, we provide the security of the proven SIM technology with a number of additional benefits:

  • High durability and long lifespan.
  • Robust: withstanding demanding operational conditions with resistance to shocks, water, humidity and extreme temperatures.
  • Miniaturization: micro format for environments and devices requiring small modules.
  • Highly secure with authentication and ciphering.
  • Interoperability: adhering to GSMA standards and integratable into most industry operations.
  • Full technical support throughout development and provisioning with local testbed capabilities for proof of concept and accelerated development.


Z-OSe for eSIM

Z-OSe is the most advanced version of Z-OS and has been specifically designed to answer changing consumer needs and eSIM requirements.

Deployable on a range of secure removable or fixed elements, Z-OSe is designed to provide secure and configurable network access to any connected device whilst offering the best in efficiency and lifecycle management.



Z-OSe complies with GSMA specifications and works alongside Z-OTAe Subscription Manager and its remote provisioning server which enables devices to be securely provisioned and managed with multiple mobile network subscriptions. This allows for full activation and subscription management services.


Remote device management

eSIM solution, remote device management by Workz Group

Z-OTAe subscription manager

Z-OTAe is a highly-secure, full subscription management service catering to network operators, device manufacturers and IoT service providers that enables businesses to enjoy greater cost-savings, insight and value. From e-metering for energy conversation, e-monitoring for agriculture or security surveillance, industrial telemetry or Big Data collection, by utilising connected eSIM devices and OTA remote provisioning we give you full control of your devices.

  • Connectivity: SIM profile creation, data preparation & local testing, and activation
  • Lifecycle management: secure SIM profile updates, additions, removals, billing and user-friendly interfaces
  • Full GSMA adherence and interoperability: seamless real-time control

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