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Discover the unlimited potential with a GSMA-certified eSIM manufacturer

Workz is the first eUICC SIM & eSIM manufacturer in the Middle East & Africa to provide a full IoT remote SIM provisioning solution to support mobile network operators, device manufacturers and service providers.

Our offering includes certified eSIM production & personalisation, a highly-secure eUICC operating system, an eSIM remote provisioning platform and OTA subscription management to serve all IoT requirements from e-metering, e-monitoring, industrial telemetry to Big Data collection.

All our products, solutions and processes are compliant with the latest GSMA standards to guarantee high reliability and full interoperability.  In addition, we provide full technical support throughout development and provisioning with local testbed capabilities for proof of concepts.

Get tough, tiny, high-capacity eSIMs

Our GSMA SAS-certified eSIM production, EUM-certified data management and SIM personalisation facility offers a range of  chips with industry grades from classic, industrial and automotive available in embedded or removable (hybrid) formats:

  • High durability and long lifespan.
  • Robust: able to withstand demanding operational conditions such as resistance to shocks, water, humidity and extreme temperatures.
  • Highly-secure authentication and ciphering.
  • Microformats available for scenarios where size is critical.
  • Includes provisional bootstrap profile (securely loaded during manufacturing) for immediate connectivity.

Get powerful eUICC capabilities

Z-OSe is a highly advanced non-proprietary, vendor-neutral eUICC operating system specifically designed to enable remote provisioning of multiple network profiles on any device.  The eUICC OS is available for both embedded and removable SIM formats offering secure management of both new and existing legacy devices.The functionality of Z-OSe’s eUICC operating system reduces the physical redundancy of the SIM and significantly lengthens their potential lifespan as SIM profile additions, updates or deletions are securely provisioned and managed virtually by remote SIM provisioning (RSP).

Enjoy cost-efficient control eSIM & eUICC SIM management

Workz offers a highly-secure remote SIM provisioning, hosting & subscription services for both industrial M2M and consumer devices including:

  • Complete eSIM & eUICC OTA solution with subscription management: data preparation, local testing, and activation.
  • Connectivity: SIM personalisation, profile creation, data preparation & testing
  • Secure routing that supports additional HTTP for enhanced connectivity
  • Designed for easy integration, flexibility and scalability
  • Extensive APIs for easy RSP integration plus device compatibility testing

Experience secure hassle-free Over-The-Air management services


Z-OTAe is a state-of-the-art Over-The-Air SIM management platform that supports both SMS and internet HTTPS channels to efficiently manage your eSIM and eUICC devices with:

  • Full control of SIM files, apps & configurations
  • Powerful APIs for 3rd party system integration
  • Highly reliable, scalable & updatable
  • Lifecycle management: secure SIM profile updates, additions, removals, billing and user-friendly interfaces
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What the IoT eSIM and eUICC means for mobile network operators

What does the introduction of new IoT technologies such as the eSIM & eUICC mean for mobile network operators and where is the best place to start to capitalize on their potential opportunities? Workz Group’s CSO, Robert Varty, and CIO, Edwin Haver, give their insight on some of the most frequently asked questions in the telecoms industry today.

Check our video or download our free whitepaper: What’s an operator’s best bet in IoT? now.


Turn your IoT idea into reality

Reports forecast there will be almost 31 billion IoT devices worldwide by 2020. Seize this opportunity today with our IoT remote management solutions.

Test your proof of concepts fast and cost-effectively with our hosted sandbox. Get a demonstration of how we can help launch your IoT concept now.

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Get our eSIM catalogue now

Discover a powerful range of embedded and removable eSIMs for every need


Get our eSIM catalogue now

Discover a powerful range of embedded and removable eSIMs for every need