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How to get IoT M2M connectivity

Be ready for the M2M SIM revolution

The M2M enterprise sector is an area of immense potential. Reports indicate the global M2M market is likely to expand at a phenomenal rate of nearly 30% between 2018 and 2023, reaching 14 billion connections worth $84 billion. Network operators’ existing connectivity infrastructure and network evolutions such as NB-IoT and LTE-M in conjunction with the M2M SIM as fixed and removable elements with eUICC software, provide a powerful enabler to deliver cost-efficient, scalable and future-ready solutions.


M2M vs Consumer

If you also consider that the GSMA standard for the M2M market is more defined than its consumer counterpart, has been available for far longer and is already in use in many industries, it is apparent that M2M offers the most immediate opportunity in IoT with greater standardisation, faster deployment and superior cost efficiency.



Capitalise on growing needs with M2M IoT

As a leading M2M SIM provider & manufacturer, and the first in the Middle East and Africa to be GSMA-certified in production & personalisation for eSIMs, Workz provides new-breed M2M IoT solutions to support mobile network operators, device manufacturers and other service providers. Whether for classic, industrial or automotive deployment, our M2M IoT SIM chips come in both embedded or removable format enabling them to be easily fitted into new or existing devices.



Our complete M2M IoT solution includes:

The SIM:

  • GSMA SAS-certified M2M SIM manufacturing with a range of M2M chips including embedded MFF2: DFN8/DFN6 and removable: 2/3/4FF to fit all devices, capacity, size and durability requirements
    • Optional multi-artwork branding options for VIP enterprise clients
  • Certified M2M eSIM manufacturer (EUM) for SIM personalisation with ISO 27001-certified secure data management
  • Advanced, non-proprietary, vendor-neutral M2M UICC/eUICC SIM OS
  • Complementary technical support including SIM profile and applet development


The platform

  • Controlled sandbox environment for rapid proof of concept testing
  • Hosted or onsite remote M2M SIM provisioning platform
  • Extensive APIs for easy remote SIM provisioning integration into network and systems
  • Compliant with all leading standards to guarantee full reliability and interoperability
  • Optional subscription management services

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