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Get ahead with powerful SIM solutions

As a leading UICC SIM card manufacturer, we adopt an integrated approach. From concept & design to SIM production, personalisation & technical support to SIM card packaging, fulfilment and logistics – we provide a complete solution under one roof. This removes unnecessary costs throughout the supply chain and allows you to get the best competitive prices at the quickest delivery times.

In addition, we provide non-proprietary VAS solutions that enable you to grow new revenue streams.

The world’s first seamless SIM

Our seamless SIM combines style and efficiency along with:

  • 3-in-1 universal modules
  • All chip capacities
  • M2M & NFC supported cards
  • Secure SIM data personalisation & management

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Take advantage of the world’s smallest SIM OS

Z-OS is a highly secure SIM operating system which runs apps and hosts network authentication.

It offers the smallest OS footprint on the market today, being approximately 40% smaller than other SIM OS, saving you valuable chip memory and giving you room for more mobile value-added services and revenue-generating solutions on your SIM.


Workz has developed Z-OS in conjunction with a team of experienced European software engineers to guarantee the highest security, reliability, and performance. The platform is designed to enable a broad range of features with secure and reliable Over-The-Air management of applications.


High compatibility

Z-OS provides interoperability and is fully compliant with all leading SIM standards:

  • Includes both Java and Native products & chips
  • Compatible with all network technologies: 2G / 3G / 4G LTE / 5G
  • Compliant with ETSI, 3GPP, Global Platform, Oracle Java Card and the SIM Alliance
  • Supports WIB, [email protected] and Celltick for hosting mobile value-added services

 On-site technical support

  • SIM profile creation & testing
  • Training & aftersales support
  • SIM app development & mobile solutions
  • Z-OTA remote provisioning




Discover new revenue opportunities.

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Discover new revenue opportunities.

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