Powerful SIM solutions

As a leading UICC SIM manufacturer, we adopt an integrated approach from design to technical, commercial and logistics providing a full SIM solution under one roof. This removes unnecessary costs throughout the supply chain and achieves highly competitive prices and delivery times.

In addition, we provide non-proprietary VAS solutions that enable you to grow new revenue streams.

The world’s first seamless SIM

  • 3-in-1 universal modules
  • All chip capacities
  • M2M & NFC supported cards
  • Card personalisation & secure data management

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Z-OS: the world’s smallest SIM OS

Z-OS is a highly a secure operating system which runs SIM apps and hosts network authentication to enable deployment.

Its modularity provides the smallest OS footprint on the market today, being approximately 40% smaller than other SIM OS giving you room for more VAS and revenue-generating services on your SIM.


Workz has developed Z-OS in conjunction with a team of experienced European software engineers to guarantee the highest security, reliability, and performance.  The platform is designed to enable a broad range of features with secure and reliable Over-The-Air management of applications.


High compatibility

Z-OS provides interoperability and is fully compliant with all leading SIM standards:

  • Includes both Java and Native products & chips
  • Compatible with all network technologies: 2G / 3G / 4G/ LTE
  • Compliant with ISO, ETSI, 3GPP, Global Platform, Oracle Java Card, SIM Alliance, and the GSMA
  • Supports WIB, S@T and Celltick for hosting VAS

Technical support

  • SIM profile creation & testing
  • Training & aftersales support
  • SIM app development & mobile solutions
  • Z-OTA remote provisioning




Discover new revenue opportunities

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Discover new revenue opportunities

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