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Reports indicate that the Mobile Value-Added Services (MVAS) market size is expected to surpass $1 trillion by 2024. As a mobile & IoT solutions provider, we offer non-proprietary VAS solutions that can significantly boost your ARPU.

Your subscribers can receive customised services which will enhance their quality of experience and increase your ROI. Our services are flexible to fit all budgets and will pay for themselves in no time.

Z-Network Name by Workz Group

Z-Network Name

Increase value and ARPU by utilising the network name displayed on a subscriber’s handset to run promotional or seasonal messages, customise by subscriber package or even personalise for VIP subscribers with their own name.

SIM OTA Marketing VAS Solution Z-OTA by Workz Group


Enhance purchase rates with targeted push-message offers that anticipate user behaviour and provide an enriched CRM experience and allows you to promote your value-added services, marketing campaigns or third-party advertising with highly-visible, personalised and engaging communications.

Top-up app by Workz group

Z-Quick Top-up

Smart app that provide users a faster way to add credit by employing a QR code that scans to reveal to multiple language options and extra services such as SMS, e-mail, balance check and transfer. Utilising USSD protocol the app effectively integrates with online systems.

SIM card applet QOS by Workz Group


Get a reign on quality of service and quality of experience with Z-QoS. Utilising the reliability of the SIM card and a background (invisible) application remotely gather, measure and act upon real-time data and insight from your network experience.

Extended phonebook, SIM VAS solutions by Workz Group

Z-Mega Book

As most 2G SIM cards are limited to 254 ADN entries, this app allows subscribers to store a far larger number of contacts as well as the ability to segregate contacts e.g. personal and business.

Multi-IMSI SIM VAS solutions by Workz Group,


Give users more value by providing two or more subscriptions (or numbers) on a single SIM. E.g. one for personal use and one for business which can both be operated from the same SIM. It also allows prepaid/postpaid swapping features.

VAS solutions digital watermarking Z-Ghosting by Workz Group


Inject a new dimension into your print materials allowing users to connect to online content. By scanning the ghost links via their smartphone users can discover videos, FAQs, promotions, or even their nearest store.

Z-EVD, Electronic Voucher Distribution Solution by Workz Group


Automate pre-paid recharges with a voucher-less solution that increases distribution and maximises reach.

SIM subscription manager VAS Solution by Workz Group

Z-Subscription manager

Reduce time and cost with highly-efficient subscriber registration, activation and self-care management.

Mobile wallet, SIM & VAS solutions, Z-Moble Wallet by Workz Group

Z-Mobile wallet

Empower subscribers to make all purchases with just their phone through a highly secure and easy-to-use virtual wallet.

VAS solutions by Workz Group

Z-Device Manager

Simplify device orchestration with a single interface to intelligently manage devices on 2G/3G/4G networks enabling optimal functionality and security with real-time automatic device detection and provisioning, service identification, SIM change notifications and target marketing capabilities.

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