In conversation with Abdul Jaleel

eSIM provider, Workz' Special Projects Manager, Abdul Jaleel, Workz Group

Started: Administrative Manager, 1998
Today: Special Projects Manager, 2016
The length of service: 18 years


Whilst the core competency required for my role revolves around finding solutions, the position has also helped me expand my imagination along with my project portfolio.  One particular memory that has had the biggest impact on me was to witness all the teams come together to help an ailing factory member.  A concerted effort like this is only possible with the support of the founders and management team who treat employees like family.
This episode made me realise the way things are normally done may not need to be the way things have to be done, even in a corporate environment. I apply this learning in my daily life by paying attention to the little details as I continue to discover more about myself and the incredibly talented people around me.

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