What projects should you prioritise in 2021?

Wokz CEO, Tor Malmros | Workz Group

What a year! It changed the world, it changed us all and it changed our telecoms industry. A lot of IoT and eSIM launches were delayed or slowed down due to less business activity. Although this is still the case, we believe as governments roll-out vaccines and travel routes open up again this will put a lot of these developments back on track by end of Q2, if not earlier, and astute managers will take advantage of this and plan implementations well ahead of that.

2020 is the year that has made us all realise the need to evolve more than any other. The accelerated adoption of online services has been universal and not just restricted to a particular region or product. Last year we saw a realignment of budgets, yet we have also seen and continue to see businesses looking at advancing their IoT roadmap to keep up with the global change in consumer behaviour. Additionally, we note more M2M use cases in the market, especially, with the advent of 5G and eSIM.

At Workz, we are ready to help you capitalise on these opportunities with secure and certified connectivity solutions for your business. Despite the pandemic, supply chain issues etc., we continued to work safely throughout 2020 and achieved GSMA security accreditation of our Dubai data centre to complement our certified production facility which we had upgraded with volume and capability enhancements. We also continued to implement new systems and solutions for the future launching a second-generation hybrid eSIM management solution that supports both consumer and M2M capabilities and an entitlement server to provision eSIM companion devices and provide enhanced operator services. An industry report by Counterpoint this week that recognises Workz as one of the top five leaders in eSIM is, once again, testament to the tremendous efforts of our team and these innovative new offerings.

We thank you for your support throughout 2020 – a year we will all never forget – and look forward to 2021 with the launch of some more new IoT solutions in Q1 which, we hope, are cause for optimism. As always, through good times and bad, I think it’s important to keep the conversation going so please feel free to reach out to me by replying to this message to let me know your thoughts on the above or what we can do together in 2021. Your account manager is also on hand should you be interested in more information on some of the above items. In any case, I hope you are safe and have a great 2021.


Best regards
Tor Malmros, CEO

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