How hybrid eSIM management can help accelerate market penetration

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Embedded SIM management solutions are a considerable opportunity for mobile network operators with 94% of respondents in a recent survey by Ericsson saying they are interested in the technology. MNOs have the potential to tap into an existing and rapidly growing consumer device market or enter into a more steadily rising enterprise market which has been estimated to triple over the course of seven years, overtaking the number of consumer connections.

For M2M applications, the move toward Industry 4.0 justifies the accelerating increase in devices connected to a cellular network. Compared to the inflexibility and difficulty of managing industrial devices through a physical SIM card, eSIMs simplify serviceability through full over-the-air management.

The consumer market will also migrate quickly to eSIMs by adopting new connected devices such as wearables and tablets. They are also which will help the transition to eSIM-based smartphones, potentially reaching three billion devices by 2025.

The trends outlined above indicate that the demand for consumer and enterprise eSIM solutions will grow simultaneously, offering operators the unique opportunity to reach two MNO-exclusive high-growth markets.

Capitalising on both markets with hybrid eSIM management

With the potential of reaching billions of devices, MNOs can streamline their process for entering both the consumer and enterprise markets with a reliable, secure and lower-cost eSIM management platform. This streamlining opportunity can be realised through the consolidation of consumer and M2M eSIM management into a single solution. Here’s where Workz’ hybrid eSIM management comes into play.

Manage consumer and M2M eSIM devices on one system | Workz Group

Hybrid eSIM management is a solution which combines the deployment and operations of both consumer and M2M applications into a single product. By consolidating the consumer and vertical markets, MNOs can achieve:

  1. Fast delivery: operators who are looking to enter both spaces can engage with a single solutions provider and channel their implementation efforts in a single project. eSIM adoption is accelerating, and a quicker deployment can help build brand authority in the eSIM space from the early days.
  2. Reduced costs: Hybrid eSIM management is designed to help MNOs achieve lower implementation costs through a single hardware setup installation and less work carried out by internal resources.
  3. Simpler management: a vertical-consolidating solution offers a single pricing model for both consumer and enterprise eSIM instances, one vendor as a single point of contact and an easier maintenance process.
  4. Tailored deployment: the hybrid eSIM management solution is available through:
    • Cloud deployment: a plug-and-play, GSMA SAS certified, OPEX-based platform. Suitable for quick deployments, reduced set up fees and low maintenance costs
    • Onsite deployment: hardware installation on the operator’s premises. Onsite deployments offer multiple advantages from a compliance perspective, where countries have requirements to host data within their territory, and multi-tenant capabilities, which enable MNOs to manage multinational solutions from a central location.
  5. Flexibility and future-proofing: the solution ensures interoperability, scalability, and is compatible with the latest technologies, removing the need to upgrade at a later date.

Simplify eSIM management with a hybrid platform | Workz Group

Improving security with the right eSIM provider

Nowadays, strong security management is a market differentiator. The increasing reliance, improved capabilities, and growing number of network-connected mobile devices has made them a prime target for cyberattacks.

GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) is the sought-after security certification which guarantees vendors’ security capabilities. Currently, there are only six complete eSIM providers certified by the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme across eSIM module production, data personalisation and subscription management.

Benefits of an GSMA SAS-certified eSIM provider | Workz GroupAs one of the certified eSIM providers, Workz brings security to the hybrid eSIM management solution. While the cloud deployment model provides out-of-the-box SAS compliance, operators can also achieve SAS certification for onsite deployments using Workz’ turnkey project consultancy. While a standard timeframe for SAS certification is over a year, Workz’ expertise can help MNOs lower certification award time to only six months.

Know more about how we can help you reduce complexity, improve security and lower costs with our hybrid eSIM management solution.

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