Real-time analytics for telcos with Brad Taylor

CommsMEA article with Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz Group

CommsMEA invited Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz Group to join a discussion on the telecom industry’s use of real time analytics. Here is what he had to say to the magazine.


Avenue of enhanced revenues

With the proliferation of eUICC (embedded SIM) devices, there will also be a big opportunity with respect to IoT where remote or mobile usage is required and location and timing are everything. In summary, I think big data and real-time analytics will open doors for operators to venture into new areas allowing them to expand their business model.


It’s not going to be easy

Another key factor will be to assimilate the new found data into meaningful intelligence that can be interpreted in real-time by AI systems or at a human-level by subject matter experts. The big challenge for operators is the cost of capacity expansion versus a new and viable billing model that supports lots of small data telemetry.


Return on investment

Workz has integrated real-time data across all its main factory processes from printing and packaging to fulfilment and packing. “We have focused not only on the production aspect but also on the data management side too. For us, it’s an ongoing job and we are always looking at ways to develop the initiative to gain greater insight and efficiency. Some benefits are harder to calculate than others in terms of direct and tangible results but real-time analytics has provided benefits across all our production facilities and helped us optimise production time significantly which in turn has allowed us to pass on such efficiency benefits to our clients in terms of an even more competitive offering.


Time to get back at OTT?

In order to compete with the OTT providers, operators will need to start listening to what their customers want; be prepared to rapidly bring these new ideas to market; and be comfortable in making quick changes to continually stay ahead and remain competitive.


Read the full CommsMEA article here.

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