Learn how to multi-source eSIM and grow sales channels @ MWC23

Discover how telcos can multi-source eSIM and grow their eSIM sales channels by enhancing their existing eSIM platform. Talk with the leader in eSIM cloud-based solutions, Workz at MWC Barcelona 2023 – learn more at:   


As one of the world’s leading eSIM providers, we expect there’s going to be a lot of big talking points at this year’s MWC Barcelona. 

As I predicted this time last year, Apple launched their eSIM-only device and I expect a lot more OEMs are going to follow suit this year. 

All of this has caused an increase in demand for eSIM services around the world. 

Telcos either looking to a) launch in the market or b) dual source. 

However, one of the biggest challenges we foresee is how telcos are going to manage multiple eSIM sales channels. 

With our Multi eSIM Hub or MeSH we can help you effectively manage your platforms whether that’s multiple sales channels, multiple vendors, multiple tenants, or your customers’ customers. 

So, if you’re going to be at MWC in Barcelona, let’s talk and I’ll see you there.

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