M2M remote SIM provisioning standard (Prezi)

Here is a quick introduction to the M2M Remote SIM Provisioning Architecture and its key components:

eUICC. Starting with the eSIM or more specifically its software the eUICC – This is a secure element that contains one or more network profiles. Each profile enables the eUICC to function in the same way as a traditional removable SIM and connect to a mobile network.

Mobile Network. The eUICC contains profiles from Mobile Network Operators which allow the SIM to connect to their cellular networks.

EUM. The eUICC is produced by an eUICC manufacturer or EUM who is responsible for the secure upload of the eUICC’s data to the SIM.

SM-DP. Subscription Management – Data Preparation is the activity in which network profiles are prepared, packaged and stored

SM-SR. Subscription Management – Secure Routing is the activity in which profiles are remotely managed on a device. Meaning they are added, enabled, disabled or deleted.

All these components need to be considered to effectively and securely manage eSIM devices over-the-air.


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