Consumer vs M2M – What’s an operator’s best bet in IoT? Part 6 of 6

eSIM solutions by Workz Group
Edwin Haver, Chief Information Officer at Workz Group

Edwin Haver, CIO

How can Workz help operators get started?

At Workz, we provide a secure and complete eSIM and eUICC solution from chip production, data preparation and subscription management services to support mobile network operators, device manufacturers and other service providers with new efficient IOT remote management of devices and assets. All our products, solutions and processes are compliant with the latest GSMA standards to guarantee high reliability and full interoperability.

Our GSMA SAS-certified eSIM production facility offers a range of M2M chips with industry grades from classic, industrial and automotive. These come in both embedded and removable form which can be easily fitted into new or existing devices. Each of these chips contains an advanced, non-proprietary, vendor-neutral SIM OS plus complementary services from our technical team that include profile development and testing as well as applet development.

M2M eSIM types | Workz Group

Our data personalisation is certified to both GSMA and ISO 27001 standards. At Workz, we have over 20 years’ experience in the secure physical and virtual management of serialized data having safely handled over 40 billion variable records with complete confidentiality and without a single security breach.

Our remote SIM provisioning platform is a full-fledged solution for subscription management data preparation and secure routing. It can be quickly deployed and easily integrated into an operator’s existing support systems with an extensive range of APIs. The RSP platform is highly cost-efficient, non-proprietary and scalable providing high capacity and redundancy to ensure a reliable, secure, and updatable solution. We offer clients the choice of both a hosted subscription management service and onsite options plus a compatible IoT device management platform.

As connected solutions can involve many variables from a range of areas such as software, hardware, network, etc., we support you with comprehensive testing introducing one element at a time. Our system includes a sandbox allowing you to fully test-drive your proof of concept in a safe and controlled environment to eliminate the risk of live market issues and ensure interoperability across all devices. Testing is done on our hosted server offering a fast and cost-effective way for operators to quickly deploy their proof of concepts to market.

eSIM solutions from Workz Group

The disruptive potential of eSIM and the eUICC is hugely exciting, and we are very much looking forward to collaborating with partners to maximise this opportunity. If you are looking to test your proof of concepts, get in touch with us for a demonstration of how we can quickly help turn your ideas into reality.

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