Workz hits 5bn data records after ISO security certification

eSIM provider, Workz' Richelle Wiley, Head of Operations at Workz production facility

Security printer celebrates record volume of variable data records managed following ISO 27001 information security certification and new facility.


Workz, the secure printing and services provider has managed over five billion variable data records in the last 12 months. This is the highest number of records the company has managed in its 17 year old history and quickly follows its prominent ISO 27001 information security certification in 2011 which provides strict criteria as to how data should be securely handled.


Workz, who specialise in the secure management of variable data, also recently launched a new Dubai printing facility which can provide its clients with high volumes of products within fast production timeframes due to an all-in-one, inline printing process. The company’s increased production capacity from its new facility plus the recognition from clients of possessing a reputed international certification for information security has been reflected with strong customer orders for the company.


Data security is crucial to handling scratch card and SIM data and being awarded the ISO certification 27001 for information security is testament to the stringent manner in which we handle our clients’ data. To give you some idea of this, we have the ability to efficiently track serialized products throughout the entire production process and provide 100% QC verification on everything we produce. Our facility has over 40 security cameras, a security team, biometric access points and each record is fully encrypted and managed according to ISO 27001’s very strict framework. I believe Workz’ continual commitment to information security is highly valued by our clients and a key differentiator for us as our latest results appear to indicate.
Richelle Wiley, Workz Head of Operations


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