Product catalogue

Recharge card, scratch card 1 PIN CR80 by Workz Group


Scratch card, recharge card, half CR80 by Workz Group

Half CR80

Recharge card, scratch cards, CR80 2 PIN by Workz Group

CR80 multi-PIN

Recharge card scratch card 5-PIN strip by Workz Group


Scratch card, recharge card, 10 PIN ticket by Workz Group


SIM card, half size with seamless module by Workz Group

3-in-1 seamless half SIM

SIM card with key ring by Workz Group

3-in-1 seamless SIM with keyring

SIM card with seamless module, quarter size by Workz Group

3-in-1 seamless quarter SIM

SIM card 3-in-1 seamless full SIM by SIM manufacturing & SIM development by Workz Group

3-in-1 seamless full SIM

SIM card, dual SIM by SIM manufacturer Workz Group

3-in-1 seamless dual SIM

SIM pack secure glueless pack by Workz Group

All-in-one case

SIM pack with euroslot retail feature by Workz Group

All-in-one with euroslot

SIM pack all-in-one-wallet with high-quality colour printing by Workz Group

All-in-one wallet

SIM pack with scratch & win feature produced by Workz Group

All-in-one pack

SIM packaging, pack for Half and quarter SIM card by Workz Group

All-in-one packs for quarter & half SIM

SIM mailer packaging by Workz Group

Mailer pack

SIM pack for VIP with high-quality colour printing by Workz Group

VIP all-in-one pack

Mini video pack, SIM pack, SIM packaging by Workz group

Video pack

SIM VIP packs for special clients or brand launch by Workz Group

Gift boxes

Product packaging special use packs by Workz Group

Special packs