Macwhite 2.0: the latest in scratch card technology from Workz Group
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Experience the difference with our secure, low-cost scratch cards

As the world’s largest scratch card manufacturer, we print the most advanced, high-quality recharge cards, lottery cards, and gift cards at the lowest price. With our high-speed scratch card printing press able to convert raw materials to finished product in 90 seconds, we can provide over 2 billion scratch cards per year. Our facilities employ advanced security encryption for all comprehensive protection of sensitive data and inline verification systems to check data, artwork and scratch panels to guarantee maximum quality assurance.


Get the best card security & performance

Our cards comprise of Workz Macwhite 2.0, a technological breakthrough in scratch card performance. Developed by our R&D lab technicians, Workz scratch cards deliver market-leading results around the world:

  • Effortless ease of scratch
  • 25% stronger over-scratch protection
  • Razor-sharp PIN definition
  • Impenetrable tamper-proof panel
  • Sleeker, lighter & more durable


Scratch card success secrets - Workz Group
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Card features

1      UV Varnish
2      Overprint
3      Composite silkscreen
4      Composite overscratch shield
5      PIN or HRN
6      Macwhite panel
7      Micro-text
8      Anti-counterfeit artwork
9      Ghost watermarking
10    Serial no. + barcode
11    Dense, high-durability, PEFC card
12    Ultra-sonic sealed packing


Generate a buzz with scratch-and-win game cards

Create excitement with engaging game cards, such as lottery tickets and recharge cards with scratch & win. With support throughout the concept and design, game admin, data management and distribution we help your product become a sure winner.

  • Increase regular product sales by up to 60%
  • Create a buzz around your brand
  • Enhance customer interaction and loyalty
  • Support marketing campaigns and generate PR


Increase product sales by 60% with Scratch & Win - Workz Group
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Learn how we boosted
Vodafone Qatar’s recharge card
revenue within just one month
with scratch & win


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Boost revenue and your brand experience with creative gift card designs

Drive customer acquisition and retention through customizable and cost-efficient gift card printing solutions. Create unique gift cards that are more than just a voucher and provide a memorable experience for your customer. Our gift card designs come in a variety of inspirational shapes and sizes to suit all budgets and requirements with custom cards, scratch panels and packaging that can imaginatively reflect products, promotions, events and celebrations to set your brand above the rest.

Get our scratch card catalogue now

Discover the most secure and cost-efficient scratch cards available


Get our scratch card catalogue now

Discover the most secure and cost-efficient scratch cards available