Supply chain services

Specialising in telecoms products and high-value electronics that require secure serialized data management, we take the pain and cost out of your supply chain through optimised design, production, fulfilment and logistics.

  • Maximise sales with zero stock outs or excess stock through effective demand planning and JIT deliveries
  • Save time with documentation management for customs & insurance
  • Clear visibility at all times with one point of contact


  • Secure, tamper-proof packing solutions to protect against pilferage
  • High-capacity fulfilment centre with 60 production lines
  • Advanced verification systems to remove the risk of short-shipments & mislabelling
  • Cost-efficient pick, pack & ship services with warehousing, consignment stock & multiple call-off options

Logistics services

FIATA-licensed freight forwarding with TAPA A-certified cargo management that delivers:

  • Knowhow with 5700 tonnes shipped in 2016 across the Middle East, Africa, Europe & Asia
  • Reach by delivering to 40+ countries including high risk locations and remote areas
  • Greater control by working directly with airlines to ensure the optimal route for your requirements

Logistics bulletin

Keep up-to-date with country-specific logistics and shipping news

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Returns management & reverse logistics

  • Product recalls, repairs & replacements
  • Refurbishment, software flashing & reworks for product modification
  • Re-packaging/product bundling to move unsold stock
  • Warranty management
  • Secure destruction of serialised products