Terms and conditions

  1. Lead-times will start from T-zero, which is the first business day after all conditions for proceeding with the order has been met and Workz has received all requisite items which may include but is not limited to data, artwork, collaterals, approvals (data/ artwork /machine proof /labels /packing spec), (overdue) payments, payment instruments, export clearance. For avoidance of doubt, Workz will notify client when T-zero has been reached. For any force majeure events or equivalent unforeseen and unavoidable events occur, any lead-time days will not count during such period.
  2. All items required for T-zero must be delivered at least 48 hours prior to the communicated production slot.
  3. Workz can provide a tentative delivery schedule upon order confirmation. Final dates will be confirmed upon T-zero. Shipping lead-times are always dependent on availability of cargo space, carrier schedules and may be subject to change due to events outside Workz control.
  4. Workz will produce all printed materials in one print run, as soon as artwork is approved, unless specified otherwise in the purchase order.
  5. Once confirmed by Workz, purchase orders cannot be cancelled without written consent from Workz.
  6. If T-zero is not achieved more than 90 days after artwork approval is obtained, then storage, scrapping and other charges may be applied and must be borne by the client.
  7. If not all requisite items for production (i.e. data, artwork, approvals, pack spec.) have been provided prior to or together with a purchase order, then delivery date will need to be mutually agreed after all such items have been provided. Any delivery dates on such purchase order shall only be regarded as requested and not contractual delivery dates.
  8. Workz reserves the right to charge for extra costs in relation to artwork revision requests, changes in product or packing specifications or any other similar changes where such change requests are not due to Workz and not included in the quote.
  9. Workz prices are quoted as per Incoterm and exclude VAT.
  10. Credit is granted at the sole discretion of Workz and may be withdrawn based on payment history or change of credit worthiness.
  11. Payments should be made to the bank account as per invoice or as otherwise advised by Workz in writing and net of any and all bank charges.
  12. Workz reserves the right to charge for additional costs incurred due to non-payment.
  13. Insurance coverage, if any, only includes material provided and sold here under and explicitly excludes material provided by client to Workz.
  14. Any unforeseen increases in raw material, shipping, insurance and logistics costs (e.g. wartime or fuel surcharges) shall be borne by the customer.
  15. In no event shall Workz be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential or similar loss or any penalties of any nature.  Workz warrants that its products are to be free from defect in material and workmanship, and substantially the same as the approved machine proof/golden sample/previous delivery, and subject to the following:
    1. Claims need to be received by Workz within 1 year (365 days) from delivery.
    2. Workz will replace verified rejected cards upon return of the rejected cards to Workz by customer. Workz will send replacement cards in the next scheduled shipment.
    3. In the unlikely event of mass failure, Workz will require to inspect a sample of the rejected cards taken in intervals and being at least 50 in total covering the complete affected range. In the event Workz adjudicate the claim to be correct and it is affecting more than 5% of products, customer may request Workz to replace the entire shipment; claims need to be at least more than 0.01 % of the shipment volume. Workz warranty does not apply to: a) damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse b) to damage caused by operating Workz products outside Workz guidelines; c) to Workz products that have been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Workz. Not valid claims include: a. inappropriate sharp objects, i.e. not gently scratched) b. Mistreatment (including, but not limited to, water damaged, transportation damages) c. Tampering (including, but not limited to, breaking product wrapping, adding or taking away materials to/from product, e.g. adding tape on product) d. Where product is substantially the same as the approved machine proof/golden sample/previous delivery e. Where product is fit-for-purpose (i.e. end-user can reveal PIN by gently scratching the card and able to read the full PIN, which PIN shall be valid and for the correct denomination).


Digital proof final artwork

The digital proof final artwork is for your review and final approval.

In case a machine proof (physical sample) is NOT required, please state this clearly in your approval.  It is important to carefully review all aspects of the digital proof since production will be based on your approval.

In case a machine proof (physical sample) is required please review the digital proof thoroughly to avoid any mistakes, delays or extra costs.

Artwork confirmation

Please check all aspects of the digital proof, in particularly, your approval should verify the following:

      1. Artwork elements, colour scheme and layout
      2. Text/language
      3. Barcodes (including actual readability)
      4. Variable data format (length, grouping and syntax), fonts, approximate size and positioning

Content, colour & layout

The digital proof is a representation of the content, colours and layout of your product. The proof indicates the colour but may not depict the exact colour which will be printed on the final product due to on-screen or file format differences, different materials and production processes. Workz will match any customer defined Pantones as close as possible and will therefore reserve the right to change the stated colour(s) specified below in order to achieve these. Any other colour references in the digital proof are only for production reference purposes only.

Variable data

Any variable data (i.e. PIN, serial number, barcodes, product expiry date, etc.) depicted in the digital proof are subject to change and confirmation via the data summary report (i.e. variable data will be as per your data file) or in the case of SIM production the output file created by Workz.

Due to the production process of printing variable data, small variations in appearance compared to the digital proof may occur. As data verification is of paramount importance, Workz reserves the right to make minor changes to the appearance of variable data to enable verification on the production lines.

If you have any questions, please let us know as soon as possible and we will then address those as best as we can.