Procurement Manager

Job Responsibilities:

  • Implement and review supplier contracts
  • Monitor and report on supplier performance
  • Implement and monitor purchasing strategies (including price/volume negotiations, maximise rebate schemes and planning, adherence to multi-quote policy, supplier capacity, lead times, ethical purchasing practice)
  • Product sourcing
  • Manage new product introduction process
  • Supplier selection
  • Support quotation process with sales, technical advise and guidance to achieve savings and improve production speed for all collateral types (paper, plastic etc)
  • Price list management
  • Costing sheet review, optimisation and approval
  • Manage customer complaints and adherence to the follow up process
  • Manage supplier non-conformances and adherence to the follow up process
  • Coordinate production schedules with production, sales and operations
  • Coordinate the daily production meeting and weekly production forecast meeting
  • Coordinate the weekly backlog, production and product forecast reporting
  • Quality control while maintaining required ISO standards, managing quality audits
  • Implement and operation of all WIRE related activities
  • Overseeing tracking of purchase orders
  • Refer discrepancies to the Account Manager / BDM
  • Manage Creation of part descriptions and new part numbers for non-existing parts in the system
  • Maintain register of current purchase orders, by date with margins, buy and sell pricing
  • Double check LPO’s to suppliers as required by PO and work instruction with sales and procurement
  • Oversee and manage follow up on receipts of LPOs’s, SIM cards
  • Check product stocks for goods ordered by procurement for artwork quality and data accuracy (including labelling)
  • Inform sales of the SIM card ICCID range and request production data file
  • Notify operations to create shipping documentation and initiate legalization
  • Advise the sales of shipping details and forward packing list
  • Coordinate with IT & monitor the production output file as required by Customer
  • Negotiate better prices from supplier to increase margin
  • Facilitate the smooth and orderly flow of information between, purchasing, shipping, production, sales and the customer

Customer Support / handling:

  • Communicate with sales to resolve/mediate inquiries and/or customer complaints
  • Coordinate workload distribution to ensure efficient operation
  • Collect data in order to measure departmental productivity
  • Evaluate information received from the customer to determine the appropriate action
  • Analyze data and run ad-hoc and on-demand reports as required by the unit head
  • Resolution of customer complaints
  • Update knowledge and exchange information related to departmental decisions and activities

General responsibilities:

  • Prioritisation of customer requirements to improved service
  • Provide guidance and coaching to the team
  • Identify training needs for staff
  • Communicate and work effectively within Workz values, policies, and strategies

Any other duties which from time to time may be required from within this role.

Minimum Experience:

  • Minimum 3 – 4 years of experience in a similar role

Minimum Education:

  • Business degree preferably in procurement