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Workz Z-OTA: affordable and efficient Over-The-Air management of SIM cards
Workz Z-OTA offers operators a highly affordable and efficient way to centrally manage SIM cards Over-The-Air (OTA) without being connected physically to the card. Z-OTA is a non-proprietary solution that does not restrict network operators procurement of SIM cards. This enables operators to easily and efficiently keep customers’ SIMs up-to-date and allows the introduction of new SIM services e.g. rebranding, launching new apps, change of host network or other updates on SIM files or applets. Workz offers a range of flexible payment options including pay-as-you-go, subscription and local install. In addition, operators can choose from a variety of easy deployment options based on their requirement including cloud, dedicated secure server, and self-hosting options with the choice of self-management or a managed service. Workz Z-OTA is highly scalable providing high capacity and redundancy capabilities to ensure a highly reliable, secure and updatable solution. To learn more contact us today on +971 4 453 3198 For more information, visit us at Text in the video: Introducing new over-the-air capabilities at an affordable price non-proprietary Choose what works for you Pay-as-you-go Subscription Local install Powerful and efficient Update SIM Launch new apps Grow revenues Discover the potential Z-OTA Workz Smart mobile products and solutions Call now +971 4 453 3198