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Technologically advanced SIM cards and services from Workz Group
Workz Group has expanded its Dubai SIM card manufacturing and services facility with the very latest in SIM production technologies. Workz is a regional supplier offering full, end-to-end SIM solutions from profile and app development to production, packaging and fulfilment. All of this is under one roof for a faster, more integrated and efficient solution. Workz' 3-in-1 seamless half SIM with all-in-one SIM pack, Z-OS, and Z-OTA products are the new breed of SIM solutions that will provide you with the most reliable, high-quality and cutting-edge products at the lowest possible price. You can visit the new manufacturing facility in Dubai to see how this can be of benefit to you and your company. To book a tour of the new SIM card facility, write to us at --- Text in the video: Workz presents a new breed of SIM solution. See it for yourself. Book your tour now For more information, visit our website at
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The complete SIM solution
As a leading SIM manufacturer, we adopt an integrated approach from marketing & design to technical, commercial and logistics providing a full SIM solution under one roof. This removes unnecessary costs throughout the supply chain and achieves highly competitive prices and delivery times. Furthermore, we provide non-proprietary VAS solutions that enable you to build your brand and capitalise on new market opportunities. --- Text in the video Introducing The complete SIM solution The world's smallest OS Z-OS Full development & testing Optimised production SIM & VAS training On-site tech support The most affordable OTA available Z-OTA Game-changing solutions Z-Marketing Z-Subscription Manager Powerful results Discover the potential WORKZ smart mobile products and solutions
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3-in-1 Seamless Half SIM from Workz Group
The Workz Seamless Half SIM is a revolution in SIM design. The world’s first seamless SIM offers the most reliable user experience providing subscribers a consistent easy push-out module that avoids the erratic pressure points common with traditional cards using the plastic bridges around the 2FF module. With no gaps in the card, the SIM’s seamless clean design allows for uninterrupted artwork printing ensuring greater branding impact for network operators. The 3-in-1 module enables operators to streamline their SIM products to one SIM format that fits in all subscriber devices. The 3-in-1 module is repluggable meaning it can be built up again so as to allow users to switch between Mini (2FF), Micro (3FF) & Nano (4FF) modules depending on the device they are using. The half SIM uses only 50% of the plastic of a traditional SIM card making it a highly cost-efficient, eco-friendly and practical solution. --- Text in the video Workz introducing Clear design Easier to use 3 modules in 1 Plus Add keyring stub for key info or loyalty card Workz 3-in-1 Seamless Half SIM The only SIM you will ever need Workz smart mobile products and solutions
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Crush opex, boost quality
Crush opex, boost quality In this interview, Robert Varty, Head of Sales at Workz Group offers solutions for telecom operators to reduce their opex without diluting the brand experience. The no.1 challenge In my role, visiting 60 operators in 40 plus countries, a lot of the challenges that I’m seeing from the operators today is the challenge to reduce opex. 3 areas to slash costs When working with operators and the conversations that I’ve there are multiple ways that they can look at reducing their opex. Primarily I would see this in three areas: number one is by optimising the supply chain, number two is optimising the packaging and number three is optimising the logistics. Detail is key By diving into the details of the supply chain operators can increase efficiencies and, ultimately, reduce costs. Dual savings By working with our operators it’s clear to see that they are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. A very simple way this can have a knock-on effect to reduce their opex is by moving them from a plastic pack to a paper pack. Less is more A trend in the market that we have seen is that operators are putting more emphasis on making their packs smaller and more sleek and ultimately reducing costs. Reduce costs, not quality By using our unique technology, Workz is able to print user guides and labels on the actual pack itself. Therefore, removing unnecessary costs and making the pack sleeker without compromising the brand experience. The packing spec Optimising the packaging spec for an operator is key. It’s an area they can reduce their opex significantly, the material used, the no. of products per crate, optimising all of these reduces the opex. Even as something trivial as reducing the size of the label can help optimise the packing spec. The winning formula Making changes to your packing spec is ultimately like making changes to a Formula One car. Making multiple tweaks makes that car go faster, in the same way, making multiple changes to a packing spec actually reduces the cost. The result Operators have seen savings of over 20% by optimising the supply chain through our recommendations. Workz’ all-in-one SIM packaging and 3-in-1 repluggable SIM cards guarantee optimal, eco-friendly and cost-efficient solutions. Discover how Workz can help you reduce the cost of subscriber registration by calling us today for a free quotation on +9714 453 3198
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Workz Video SIM Pack
Take engagement to the next level with the Workz Video SIM Pack. Communicate easily with your customers through video packs that are reusable, rechargeable, and come with a built-in SIM-slot. Let customers experience your brand by navigating, seeing, and hearing the information they wish to obtain. Our video packs come in multiple sizes, allowing you to tailor the content with up to 4 GB worth of video files. *Touchscreen capabilities available on larger packs. IMPRESS INTERACT ENGAGE • Rechargeable • Customisable
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Reduce cost with all-in-one secure ‪SIM‬ packs from Workz Group
Workz uses hi-tech inline printing facility that provides highly secure packaging printing and data labelling that includes: Optimal security: Inline printing Inline verification All-in-one: Data printed directly on pack No collaterals or extra labels User guide on pack Optional tear off flaps Added value scratch panel: Secure data protection Phone or data credit Scratch & win To reduce the cost of subscriber registration with all in one packs, contact us today on +971 4 453 3198 and learn more. For more information, visit our website at Text in video: Reduce cost with all-in-one packs Lower the price of subscriber registration by optimising your SIM pack and enjoy: • High security • High reliability • Light-weight • Eco-friendly Features: • Non-smudge printed data • User guide and data printed on pack • Optional tear off flaps • Free scratch panel for promotions"