Product warranties

Workz recharge card warranty

Workz manufacturers recharge cards that are made of board, ink, varnish and latex which are sealed in plastic wrapping for security. The composition of these materials makes it possible to destroy the face of the card, rip or tear the card if adequate care is not taken. Misuse of cards as a result of end user abuse and/or attempts to defraud the network operator are not covered under this warranty. Misuse of the cards includes using scratch tools that are too sharp, too much pressure, too long a duration scratching, or a combination of all three which results in the gouging of the cardboard substrate. Workz will investigate warranty claims only for customers whose account are current and in good standing.

1. Workz warranty does not apply to a) damage caused by accident, abuse or misuse b) to damage caused by operating Workz products outside Workz guidelines; c) to Workz products that have been modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Workz. Workz guarantees its recharge cards for quality and workmanship under its’ Acceptable Use Criteria and will repair, replace or credit cards deemed not fit-for-purpose by Workz.
2. Fit-for-purpose is deemed to be the ability for a card to be distributed into the channel to an end user and when the latex panel is scratched correctly, the PIN number is revealed.
3. Ease of scratch and overscratch testing: Workz recognises ease of scratch and overscratch to be of concern for most operators and has, therefore, standardised tests to measure this using tools and machines that give objective values, rather than rely on humans for subjective testing. We apply this to products for all our 60+ network operator customers. It distinguishes between manufacturing defects and end-user abuse, and it measures all manufacturers/suppliers’ products equally and objectively. Ultimately, the cards are made from paper and therefore do not have an unlimited tolerance. This term is a standard specification accepted by all our partners/customers as it ensures clarity and transparency in terms of overscratch testing and monitoring. The term refers to customer overscratch and end-user damage/abuse of the scratch card. We manufacture the cards to ensure there is a certain level of resistance against customer overscratch when using, and scratching, the card “normally”. In order to measure and test for this, we have standardised the test using machines and tools which provide a consistent testing environment and method, but do give objective results. This is done so that tests are not relying on human interpretation which could lead to subjective results/testing criteria.

a) To minimise the possibility of overscratch, we ensure that our silkscreen is easy to scratch off (the easier it is to scratch the panel, the less likely it will overscratch).
b) To remove/scratch off the silkscreen from the panel, a certain degree of weight/force will be applied. We measure this force/weight in Newton (N). The weight 24 N is approximately three times the “normal” pressure/weight a person uses to scratch a card.
c) This test is conducted using a coin, which is the typical “tool” people use to scratch cards.  A Taber machine is the complete apparatus used to conduct the test which monitors the number of scratches, control the force/weight, and uses a bespoke coin as the “tool” to remove the silkscreen.

4. Workz recharge cards are quality tested in batches before leaving the factory and are deemed fit-for-purpose under Workz Acceptable Use Criteria for over-scratch.
5. Workz does not warrant cards for end user abuse or over scratch where a sharp or pointed object is used to gouge the panel or that repeatedly rips the board surface of the PIN panel area revealing the white board material underneath the protective varnish and ink layers and thus damaging the PIN.
6. Workz retains sample cards and quality control records from every production run that can be referenced later for cross testing and verification.
7. Workz does not warrant cards for overscratch performance due to end user misuse, neglect, or improper storage and handling (temperature and moisture) while in the distribution channel.
8. Workz cards are not be exposed to water, moisture, or rain. However, they are shipped in plastic packaging that will provide some measure of protection during transit.
9. Card damage due to moisture, or water damage is deemed end-user misuse and is not covered by this warranty. Card damage due to moisture, or water damage is deemed end-user misuse and is not covered by this warranty.
10. Workz will investigate all warranty claims and assign a complaint number to the case.
11. In order to conduct a thorough investigation, Workz may require information relating to the conditions surrounding the claim which may include:
– samples
– complaint details/call centre records
– serial ranges
– volumes
– channel distribution information
– burn rates
– statistical information
12. Lack of providing this information may delay the investigation and invalidate the adjudication process.
13. Workz Warranty adjudication process includes:
a) Logging of the complaint with a complaint number.
b) Damaged cards to be returned to Workz for investigation and testing.
c) Workz will issue an investigation report.
d) Workz testing criteria and conclusion are final.
14. Workz adopts the World Lottery Association Standards for card fraud which you can find here.
15. In assessing the security risks associated with card fraud attempts, any of the following compromise factors may give rise to a security issue.
16. For a ticket to be considered a serious security risk all of the following criteria must be met:
a) A compromise reveals enough information to determine if a ticket is a winner.
b) A compromise is completed fairly rapidly and easily (within 5 minutes).
c) A compromise and repair leave the ticket in saleable condition.
d) A compromise involves the use of readily available resources.
17. A compromise is easily repeatable and does not require specialised knowledge.
18. A compromise is not rated as a serious security issue if it meets any one of the following criteria:
a) Reveals too little data to determine winning status.
b) Cannot be completed within 5 minutes.
c) Does damage that would not allow the ticket to be sold.
d) Needs ‘exotic’ equipment.
e) Is not easily repeatable or requires specialized knowledge.
19. Any fraud involving the assailant using the credit on the customer network before selling the card to a third party should be referred to the police and is not warrantable.
20. Workz reserves the right to modify the security composition at our sole discretion specifically for low volume remakes of cards that are damaged during the manufacturing process whereby remakes are made offline using labels under high-security conditions.
21. For Workz General Terms & Conditions please refer here.
22. This page can be considered Workz’ current Recharge Card Warranty statement.
23. To reduce customer complaints and/or customer abuse, Workz recommends:
– include the words “scratch gently” on the card
– use of finger or coin to remove scratch panel
– coaching dealers and distributors to provide guidance to end-users at the point of sale
– a card design with a separate QR code to provide a second chance to recover the PIN
– a built-in scratch tool in the card where coins are not available in the market
24. Please note that when changing card suppliers and or card types, a prior discussion about the new card performance and card expectations is required to agree performance standards should include the following points:
– Workz recharge card products are highly regarded as the market’s best performing product using the latest technology available. As a result, of the 1.5bn products produced annually. Nevertheless, when changing card suppliers and card products, there will be a market reaction due to product variances.
– Latex label technology will perform differently than older label technologies with the largest variable being the ease of scratch increasing significantly.
– Ease of scratch versus the overscratch variables should be discussed, understood and agreed prior to placing an order.
– Written approval for latex label overscratch and ease of scratch values of the samples provided is required.
– Golden samples will be kept by both parties for review at a later date if and when required.

Workz SIM card warranty

Workz warrants its products for 12 months from the date of shipment that they are free from defects in material and workmanship and provide the same performance as the approved BAP/BAT cards, subject to the following:
1. Workz has the right to replace, repair or refund cards found to be defective, at its’ sole discretion.
2. Rejected cards must be returned to Workz for technical inspection. Cards not returned do not qualify for warranty consideration
3. In the unlikely event of mass failure, Workz will require inspecting a sample of the rejected cards taken in intervals and being at least 50 in total covering the complete affected range.
4. In the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure affecting more than 5 % of the products ordered, Workz will replace, or repair the entire shipment.
5. Industry standard failure rates for electronic equipment is less than 0.002%
6. Workz warranty is void under the following conditions:
– Mistreatment including, but not limited to, water, heat and sun damage, transportation or storage damages
– Tampering including, but not limited to, breaking product wrapping, adding or taking away materials to/from product, hacking or reverse engineering activities
– SIM cards that manually cut to a different form factor than originally supplied.
– Workz shall not be held responsible for any physical or functional damage caused by adjusting the SIM card electrical or physical profiles outside of the manufacturing process.
7. In the unlikely event of defects in labeling or packing (not affecting the products), Workz will in case of material and adverse effect on customer, provide label replacements if Workz is notified in writing within 14 days from product arrival at the customer location.
8. By placing an order, the buyer is acknowledging and accepting these terms of Workz warranty.

For further information on Workz’ product warranties please contact +9714 453 3198.