Cloud eSIM solutions

As the global leader in cloud-based eSIM, Workz is recognised by Counterpoint Research as offering the most complete and innovative eSIM solution as well as being the fastest and easiest to deploy.
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Cloud eSIM solutions

As the global leader in cloud-based eSIM, Workz is recognised by Counterpoint Research as offering the most complete and innovative eSIM solution as well as being the fastest and easiest to deploy.

Get more with the complete eSIM solution

In the high-growth eSIM markets, we believe that there will be an increasing number of MVNOs, private networks, and enterprises catering for various requirements. To address this, Workz enables telcos to manage all these parties from one place with a suite of plug-and-play cloud eSIM services offering seven dimensions of capability. Workz offers a true end-to-end cloud-based eSIM solution; from module production to provisioning and eSIM orchestration. No other provider enables telcos to do more.

Get more value than any other

"Workz ranks highest in terms of the completeness of solutions. Its MESH stands out as an important innovation."

Counterpoint Research

How can you do more with Workz’s cloud eSIM?

With Workz cloud eSIM telcos can easily manage increasing sales channels, including MVNXs, enterprises, and OEMs

Channel management

Onboard sales channels (enterprises, MVNXs, OEMs) faster and save admin time with a multi-tenant system to efficiently manage growing channels with admin self-care, white-labelling, customisable interface, and access control.

Profile development

Streamline profile type creation, testing, approval, and reduce risk with the Workz Profile Wizard, an automated profile creation tool to cut development time, risk, and cost.

With Workz Profile Wizard, the system can automatically send a profile based on the device’s requirements
Manage eSIM profile lifecycle and full online control, insights and automation with Workz cloud

Profile management

Efficiently manage the profile lifecycle with online control of profile approval, activation, deactivation, bulk profile management, user insight by device and profile, consolidated reporting, and smart automation of distribution timing and quantities.

Order management

Online ordering provides instant eSIM profiles to remove profile waiting times. The system includes inventory tracking via automated emails, advising top-up volumes based on burn rates to minimise the risk of profile stock-outs.

Workz’s online ordering helps telcos save time and avoid eSIM stockouts
Workz cloud eSIM offers automated eSIM delivery & on-demand personalisation to ensure successful eSIM activation

Profile delivery

Intelligent Profile Delivery is a smart feature that automatically detects and assigns the correct profile for a device based on pre-assigned criteria such as device, eUICC or location. On-demand personalisation enables real-time changes in profile values such as network name, and point-of-sale features enable branded activation codes to be sent directly from the system.

Profile VAS

Value-added services to support your requirements include a range of SIM applets, Profile Swapping and IoT Safe, plus custom applet development and OTA capabilities.

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Plus a full suite of optional extras

With leading embedded modulesSIM manufacturing, data personalisation, cloud entitlement to activate companion devices, cloud OTA, and a range of onboarding and discovery solutions, Workz caters for all your IoT needs.

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Workz consumer eSIM solution overview

Go-to-market faster

"Workz has delivered complete deployment in 7-10 days. The average time from traditional players takes several weeks or even months."

Counterpoint Research

How to start selling eSIM in 4 easy steps

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Start selling eSIM now

Grow your customer base and revenues faster, easier, and more affordably. Learn about a free trial of our cloud eSIM management platform.


How can I offer connectivity for consumer eSIM devices?

You will need to connect to a SM-DP+ server with live profiles available for provisioning on your network. We can quickly and easily enable operators to do this and start connecting the growing number of GSMA-compliant eSIM devices.

What is your eSIM management offering?

We provide a remote SIM provisioning solution with profile development and testing, the option of cloud or onsite hosting, and provisioning services as well as QR codes for subscriber activation. Our cloud eSIM management platform is the first and only solution to enable providers to manages both consumer and M2M devices.

What is the going live process?

Going live is a relatively short process:

Test files: After agreements have been signed, we will need your input files – and if you are a new customer your transport keys and profile data.

Test profile generation: We will generate output files, eSIM profiles and QR codes for you to test.

Proof of Concept testing: You will receive the test profiles for testing on your own network.

Final files: Following your user acceptance testing approval we will require final input files.

Live profile generation: We will generate live eSIM profiles and their accompanying QR codes to support profile download and subscriber activation.

Go live: With your live profiles and supporting QR codes subscribers are now able to connect their eSIM devices to your network.

How long will it take?

Going live using your existing subscriber registration process and a QR-code-based activation mechanism takes only between 2-4 weeks. This is the fastest route to market. We can also provide enhanced integration with the DP+ and self-care portals based on client requirements but would recommend this as a phase two implementation.

What are my hosting options?

We provide the first GSMA SAS-SM certified cloud solution with hosting in France, US or Dubai. We can also support onsite deployment on premise.

Do I need a GSMA-approved hosted solution?

No, but a GSMA-certified solution is recommended to guarantee a fully interoperable and future-proof solution. We provide the first GSMA SAS-SM certified cloud solution with hosting in France, US or Dubai. We can also support onsite deployment on premise.

Can I restrict users to just my network profile?

No, GSMA-compliant eSIMs enable multiple profiles to be provisioned.

Can subscribers use the same number across devices?

Yes, this works the same as it does currently using the existing number portability process.

What devices work with your solution?

All consumer and M2M devices with GSMA-compliant eSIMs.

What is the cost?

We provide an extremely efficient low-cost, pay-as-you-go model with no setup costs, equipment or other CAPEX expenses required. Billing is done quarterly in arrears and based only on the number of profiles downloaded.

Can you provide a demo before I go ahead?

Yes, we can provide a demo with our devices or your own devices using our own network connectivity.

Is your solution secure?

Absolutely, we are both ISO 27001 and GSMA SAS-SM-certified and guarantee the highest level of information security.

What do you offer in terms of maintenance and support?

Workz offers various support packages. Our basic level of support provides complimentary remote technical support during regular working hours.

How do I learn more about remote SIM provisioning and benefits for mobile operators?

Find out about eSIM remote provisioning for mobile network operators.

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