With over 140 clients in 80+ countries, Workz is the trusted partner for many of the world’s leading mobile operators, connectivity providers & OEMs.


With over 140 clients in 80+ countries, Workz is the trusted partner for many of the world’s leading mobile operators, connectivity providers & OEMs.

What our clients have to say

Read and watch what our clients have to say about us.

Dave Farquharson CEO of iONLINE for testimonial

“Workz was uniquely positioned to help us develop customised solutions to meet our clients’ needs, and in them we found a supplier and like-minded ally to achieve our global IoT vision. Workz’s dedication, innovation and collaborative spirit resonate deeply with our values at iONLINE. Their SIMs are manufactured on site with sustainability front of mind, ensuring minimal environmental impact.”

iONLINE logo
Miguel Monforte Nicolas

“Workz and OXIO is an ideal partnership as we both share a passion for telecom innovation and excellence. The Workz team is a pleasure to work with and has demonstrated great flexibility, adapting to evolving needs. Furthermore, their deep understanding of eSIM technology proved essential in a smooth project launch. Workz provides us with the complete eSIM solution from physical SIM hardware and applets to a cloud management platform, which means we can minimise the number of vendors we work with.

Workz has proven to be an invaluable partner and key contributor to our company’s growth and success. As such, I wholeheartedly recommend Workz as a highly knowledgeable and innovative partner for any telco seeking an eSIM solution.”

Märt Kroodo, Co-Founder & CEO of 1oT

“We see Workz as the perfect fit for 1oT to allow us to deliver faster connectivity to our clients. Their certified SIMs and supporting technical services give us a full flush of GSMA-certified products as well as the agility to scale up or down as needed, without some of the industry’s usual heavy commitments required or competitive restrictions.”

Hicham badaoui

“We started using Workz’s remote SIM provisioning platform in 2019. Since then, we have expanded our eSIM offering with Workz’s entitlement server so subscribers can connect their companion devices to our network. The team at Workz also advised us on the implementation of Apple Lookup Service to enable iOS users to conveniently activate eSIM subscriptions with us directly from their devices. During this period, the projects were deployed quickly and easily, with the full support of their knowledgeable technical team.”

STC logo

“As our remote SIM provisioning partner, Workz has demonstrated consistent professionalism and left us with no doubt that their clients are their top priority. Our migration to the Workz eSIM cloud platform was seamless owing largely to the support from their highly skilled and knowledgeable technical team.”

Athonet HP
Rufaro Nelson

“Workz’s eSIM management platform serves to enhance the Econet customer experience and meet the growing needs of eSIM adopters. For this project, we have had the benefit of working with a strong local partner in Workz, which with the support of their incredible technical team has allowed us to complete comprehensive development and testing in a highly efficient timeframe.”

Econet logo | Workz Group
Itamar Kunik, Monogoto CEO faces the camera wearing a black T-shirt with company logo

“We are proud to partner with Workz and offer our customers a new platform for eSIM.  Moving over to Workz’s eSIM cloud was easier and a lot quicker than expected. The move gives Monogoto the agility to address the evolving connectivity needs of our customers and partners as they arise.”

Monogoto logo
eSIM provider's customer - Mike Kornev, MTX Connect | Workz Group

“As our remote SIM provisioning partner, Workz fully supported us throughout our transition to a digital provider with profile development and testing, applet development, system integration, technical testing and troubleshooting. The project was delivered way ahead of schedule within just two weeks making us the first in the region to offer eSIM.”

eSIM provider's customer - MTX Connect | Workz Group
SIM solution provider's partner, Arm Holdings | Workz Group

“Our mission is to deploy market-leading technology fast and efficiently. It’s essential that we have strong relationships with partners who share our own vision and can contribute value to this process – this is precisely what Workz does. 

Throughout our long-standing relationship, we have worked on a variety of projects together – including the secure data personalisation of eSIMs and SIMs for both consumer and M2M devices. Workz has proven to be a true partner, with a great knowledge and expertise that contributed greatly to every project they were involved in.” 

ARM workz group clients
Erik Dudman Nielsen, group CEO, Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa

“At Virgin Mobile MEA, we’re keen to be a sustainable company and do our part to eradicate single-use plastic in our operations across the region. As our local partner, Workz has been helping us achieve that goal and we are proud to be on the verge of becoming 100% single-use plastic free across all of our owned operations in the Middle East.”

Virgin mobile client | Workz Group
eSIM provider's customer - Mohammad Asim Mirza, Vodafone | Workz Group

“For the past 9 years, Workz has played an important role in new product launches, loyalty programs, green initiatives and cost optimisation. They have been very instrumental in implementing and bringing into market innovative ideas to make Vodafone Qatar the first. They also never fail to amaze us with their flexibility in delivering orders at the shortest turnaround time possible. Workz is not just our vendor, but they have been our partner in writing our 9-year success story.”

eSIM provider's customer - Emad El-Kayali, Zain | Workz Group

“Workz is a strategic partner and our decision to work with them over the past 6 years has never been questioned Our partnership has been a very successful one, and we look forward to continuing for many more years.”

eSIM provider's client - Zain | Workz Group

“In our ever-evolving business, we always need a partner that can be depended on.  Workz have demonstrated real professionalism and support to us during our journey from launch to present that has, no doubt, contributed a lot to our success.

Workz is a company that puts their client at the top of their priorities and supports them with the latest products and innovation at a very convincing cost. During our long-lasting relationship, we have continually seen very highly skilled support teams that make us feel they belong to our company and are always there for us.”

eSIM provider's customer - Kim Askjaer, Virgin Mobile | Workz Group

“VMMEA has been working with Workz as our preferred supplier of SIMs, starter-packs, and vouchers since 2010. Workz has consistently met our expectations when it comes to quality, lead-times, competencies, and pricing, and over the years we have developed unique solutions together to optimise lead-times, pack design and SIM profile to meet our needs.”

Virgin mobile client | Workz Group
eSIM provider's customer - Bogdan Cotirlan, Du | Workz Group

“I visited Workz’ SIM factory and was quite impressed with the state of the art facility.  Most importantly, I saw people that were committed to achieving quality.”

du logo | Workz Group
Otis Econet | Workz Group

“Workz has really evolved in the time that I’ve known them. It is a very innovative organisation. Over the years, their factory has grown, and the investment in cutting-edge technology speaks of the need to be pioneers. I can testify to the fact that they possess leadership that has great foresight in terms of reading industry patterns and positioning themselves for future growth and development.

Econet logo | Workz Group
eSIM provider's customer - Akram Al Balushi, Ooredoo | Workz Group

“We’ve been working regularly with Workz since our launch 12 years ago, and every time we visit Workz’ facility we see something new.  Being our provider for SIM card packaging, they have recently helped us migrate to a secure all-in-one pack which allowed us to reduce our collateral and timelines by printing the user information and data directly on the pack.  They deliver high-quality products within short timelines which are of utmost importance to us.”

eSIM provider's customer - Lorenzo Pietersz ,Vodafone | Workz Group

“We would like to thank Workz for their exceptional effort in making this special premium product launch happen on time.  From the proactiveness and diligence in getting our packaging artwork finalised for production to the quick turn-around in validating the SIM profile and ensuring delivery by the expected deadline, your support is greatly appreciated.  Once again thank you all, and we look forward to making more history together.”

eSIM provider's customer - Amal Ahmed, Batelco | Workz Group

“Workz has been our preferred partner for over 10 years.  Currently, they are producing our SIM packaging with a built-in scratch panel that protects the user’s mobile number. Branding is a key element for Batelco, and as such we are very happy with the consistent brand colours achieved by Workz during printing.  Their team maintains the high-quality standards we demand through rigorous product quality control and testing.”

eSIM provider's client - Batelco | Workz Group
eSIM provider's customer - Osama Abbas,Vodafone | Workz Group

“Our collaboration with Workz on scratch & win Ramadan promotions on Vodafone recharge cards was really effective and, ultimately, very successful.  Workz’ input and innovative ideas regarding artwork and game administration have contributed to the success of this project.  They were always able to satisfy our requirements from dual-language data printing to fast turnaround to a high-performing card and scratch panel.  We both share the same vision and determination to exceed customer expectations which make us a perfect fit for doing business together.”

eSIM provider's customer - Susan George, Du | Workz Group

“We highly appreciate your support with our new product launch having provided us a comprehensive solution which included meeting our budget, maximising production efficiency and reducing lead times. We greatly value our partnership and your continued effort to help us achieve our goals.”

du logo | Workz Group
eSIM provider's customer - Abdirezak Muse, Safarifone | Workz Group

“In our business, we must supply our products to the stores on a regular schedule.  We rely on the dependable service from suppliers like Workz to help us keep up with the demand and satisfy our customers.  We appreciate Workz’ efforts in delivering quality products at a completive price along with good customer service, and technical support. As such, we look forward to doing business with Workz for years to come.”

eSIM provider's client - Safarifone | Workz Group
eSIM provider's customer - Ahmed-Yusuf, Hormuud Telecom | Workz Group


“Workz has been providing Hormuud OTA services, SIM cards and SIM packaging for over two years now and in this time, we have found them to be a highly supportive partner who has helped us evolve our product offering.  As a result, we often pass on our recommendation of Workz to other telecom operators.”

eSIM provider's client - Hormuud Telecom | Workz Group

“The teams at Workz are very responsive, flexible and they deliver not just on time, but way ahead of time. They have always met our expectations by easily adapting to our new product launches and urgent orders.”


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