Connectivity management

Control tomorrow’s IoT devices

Workz have been recognised by many market commentators as one of the world’s leading connectivity management providers of driving the secure deployment of smart devices and applications faster and easier than ever before. With a complete connectivity management solution compliant with leading standards we provide a fully secure, interoperable and future-proof solution to effectively and efficient manage your IoT devices in the market.
Entitlement platform - Cellular IoT connections market | Workz Group

Entitlement server

The growth of new cellular-connected devices means operators will have to manage more and more connections and their related settings. An entitlement server offers an effective and efficient advanced device management solution to this by enabling providers to connect a new breed of mobile devices, deliver next-generation services and much more all from one platform.

Connectivity platform

With M2M connections set to soar to nearly two billion by 2024, connectivity management platforms are the best way to manage your SIM devices and their data. Whether across different systems, vendors, countries or networks, our platform helps you drive new efficiencies insight and automation through real-time tracking, billing and device management from their SIMs.