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Enable M2M IoT connectivity with eSIM

With the advancements in IoT and specifically M2M connectivity, enterprise is now, more than ever, able to deploy solutions on a global scale. Whether you’re an MNO, connectivity provider or OEM, how can you take advantage of this and drive new revenues? With a proven track record of helping network operators, connectivity providers and OEMs deliver 100% secure and reliable connectivity across a range of M2M verticals, we provide a certified, quick to deploy, affordable solution to support your business.
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Secure, end-to-end M2M connectivity

As a world top 10 SIM card manufacturer and one of only six eSIM providers certified by the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme for the complete eSIM lifecycle management we help you capitalise on the growing opportunity providing you with ability to manage enterprise subscriptions on devices remotely; whether it be on a removable SIM card or an embedded SIM (MFF2). Workz provides you with the necessary tools to offer a full and secure end-to-end connected solution from module to platform to over-the-air management.

Workz complete M2M eSIM offering

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Connectivity management
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Remote management

Why M2M eSIM?

Workz M2M eSIM modules offer a host of benefits to M2M service providers enabling IoT connectivity for enterprise sectors. With a single stock keeping unit (SKU) required with our Z-OSe eUICC software enabling Over-The-Air subscription updates and a range of modules to offer new levels of performance, usability and durability.

eSIM manufacturing for M2M SIM with eSIM provider | Workz Group
GSMA SAS-certified eSIM manufacturing a range of M2M chips including embedded MFF2: DNF8/DNF6 and removable: 2/3/4FF to fit all devices and uses.
eUICC manufacturer (EUM) for SIM personalisation from eSIM provider | Workz Group
Certified eUICC manufacturer (EUM) for SIM personalisation with ISO 27001-certified secure data management.
eUICC SIM from eSIM provider | Workz Group
Advanced, non-proprietary, eUICC SIM OS for high performance.
Applet development from eSIM provider | Workz Group
Reliable connectivity support with complimentary profile and applet development.

Learn more about the forms and capabilities of our M2M SIM range with our M2M eSIM explained tech sheet.

Hybrid eSIM management solution for consumer and M2M | Workz Group

Discover next-gen eSIM management

With the market’s first hybrid eSIM management solution, we provide you the next-generation of over-the-air platform for both M2M and consumer devices with a highly cost-efficient, fast-to-deploy answer to your need’s today and tomorrow.

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